Open Door Baptist Church

March 23rd, 2020

For the Sunday March 22, 2020, we headed north from Tucson to Open Door Baptist Church in Prescott Valley, Arizona.  Pastor Thomas Petro and I graduated the same year from Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa.  For Sunday School they had a lesson from Evangelism Explosion taught by one of the church members.  For the morning service I preached a message on the Deity of Christ and how we should have a clear view of who Jesus is as our risen Savior.

For Sunday night I preached from the gospel of Mark on the Gospel Sower.  Today we see so many hearts that are hardened, Crowded, and choked out from hearing and responding to the good news of the gospel.  Pray for Jane as she speaks to the Ladies Bible study on Tuesday morning.  Next week we are heading north to Kingman, Arizona for Sunday, March 29, 2020.  They are praying for the Lord’s leading in finding a Senior Pastor. 

Sahuaro Baptist Church

March 23rd, 2020

On March 15, 2020 we ministered at Sahuaro Baptist Church on Old Spanish Trail in Tucson, Arizona.  Pastor James Kester and the deacons informed the church that if they were not feeling well and had symptoms of a cold that they should stay home.  With lots of hand sanitation at the door and orders not to shake hands, we held Sunday School, and Morning and evening services.  Friends that we have known for years all came out to hear an update on our ministry in evangelism and about my aortic heart valve replacement.  We also had visitors that day that said that they had just found their church home and that they would be back.

We enjoyed our extra time that we were able to spend with Pastor James and Lisa Kester.  Pastor Kester grew up as a missionary kid on the mission field and has been a great encouragement to me and Jane.  Please pray for Sahuaro Baptist Church as they work through the concerns of the Coronavirus and their future ministry.  Jane was able to sing with the choir and share a song for the morning special.  Jane is still working through her eye erosion but starting to see much better.  Thanks for your prayers for our ministry and future decisions for upcoming meetings.

Southeast Valley Bible Church

March 10th, 2020

For the two Sundays of March 1 and 8, we had the privilege to attend the services at Southeast Valley Bible Church with Pastor Joel Tetreau and Pastor Gary Davis.  We had the opportunity to present our ministry during the announcements Sunday Morning and attend home Bible studies during the week.  From March 4 – 6, 2020, Pastor Gary and I attended a Pastors’ Conference in Los Angeles.  The preaching was informative and the fellowship driving back and forth was encouraging for the two of us.  Please pray for Southeast Bible Church as they look forward to a building program as they add to the auditorium for some well needed extra space.  We thank the church for their prayers for our ministry in evangelism and the financial support from the church and members that support us personally.

On Sunday night March 8, I served at East Mesa Baptist Church and told three Bible stories with my four friends.  Pastor Fidel Hughes asked me to speak for their Sunday night service to their church family.  Sunday night they have a food ministry where they provide food to needy families in their community.  Local grocery stores give food to the church to help the homeless and needy families in the Mesa area.  We rejoice in the two that trusted Christ as their personal Savior.  Pray for this couple that they will start going to church and that they will be faithful in their new walk with Christ.   

Valley Baptist Church

February 28th, 2020
Valley Baptist Church

For Sunday, February 23, we drove west from Albuquerque, New Mexico and headed to Winslow, Arizona.  Pastor John and his wife Diane are missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions and have served the Lord for several years reaching the Navajo for the Savior.  We confirmed the details for Bible Camp this summer at Whispering Cedars Baptist Camp south of Gallup, New Mexico.  I preached for all three services on Sunday with a whole family Sunday School and morning and evening services.  For lunch we all meet at their other building across town and had a fellowship dinner.  Sunday night they requested to see my friend Rosie.  So, Rosie came out and helped me tell the story of Ruth and her desire to serve the Lord. 

During our stay in Winslow, we took some time to drive the 40 miles to Holbrook to see our dear friends Pastor Richard and Annarae Zehrung.  Pastor Richard is fighting skin cancer and is doing very well with his recovery.  Because of the chemo, he is developing cataracts in both eyes.  He hopes to get those removed so he can travel to Phoenix to complete his needed treatments.   Please pray for Pastor Zehrung in Holbrook and John and Diana Woods in Winslow as they serve the Lord reaching the lost in Northern Arizona.

Charity & Desert Hills Baptist Church

February 21st, 2020

February 7 – 20 we held meetings in two churches in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   We parked at Desert Hills Baptist Church and preached for their active Word of Life youth group on two Wednesday night services.  Then we traveled to Charity Baptist Church 40 minutes away in Rio Rancho.  We drove up to Charity on Friday to set up for Sunday morning whole family Sunday School and to enjoy lunch at a local restaurant with Pastor Skaggs and other friends from the church.  Saturday morning, I drove back to Rio Rancho for a Men’s Prayer Breakfast – we enjoyed breakfast burritos seasoned with New Mexican green chiles.  Then we had a great Bible study from the Word of God. 

On Sunday morning February 16, 2020 pastor Skaggs was sick and not able to attend.  The Lord worked it all out for him to have a special speaker for this Unplanned circumstance.  It was a joy to be back in the pulpit in Rio Rancho and challenge these dear Saints from the Word of God.  We missed the pastor, but where blessed by his wife who had special music with two other ladies in the church.  After the morning service we stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cline in their home near the church.  After the evening service we fellowshipped with more couples in a local restaurant.  Please pray for Charity and Desert Hills Baptist Church as they continue to reach the lost in the Albuquerque area.    

Lighthouse Baptist Fellowship

February 12th, 2020
Lighthouse Baptist Fellowship

Because Jane’s recurring cornea erosion became an eye infection and corneal ulcer, she stayed in Pierceton, Indiana while I took the motorhome and headed to our next meeting in Texarkana, Arkansas.  Lighthouse Baptist Fellowship has been one of our supporting churches for years.  They also helped us with Caleb’s education.  We thank the Lord for their faithful prayers and support all these years. 

Sunday morning, January 19 I spoke for a whole family Sunday School and preached for the morning service.  Then for Sunday night I presented another story through ventriloquism and preached a message from the book of Genesis.   It is always a joy to see friends and their children that we have been praying for and seeing them grow.  Thanks for praying for the Silcott Ministries.

I remained in Texarkana so that the motorhome could be worked on. Then on January 28 I drove the little car up to Missionary Acres in Silva, Missouri while Jane’s parents John and Jean Baughman and Jane connected with me. (The Acres is almost halfway between Texarkana and Pierceton.) Jane’s ulcer has healed, but the eyesight in her right eye is affected by the remaining scar tissue. She can drive short distances in the daylight; but because of her light sensitivity, she prefers cloudy days and at this time cannot drive at night.

Whosoever Ministries

February 12th, 2020

After speaking for Glory Bound Ministries (the video recording) through Hillcrest Baptist Church, I was introduced to Pastor Denver Conway.  Pastor Conway is the pastor of Whosoever Ministries located in Fountain City.  This ministry is unique as it reaches out to the community with services that start at 2:00 pm Sunday afternoon. 

This new church which is Baptistic in doctrine is reaching out to people in the community that have been asked not to attend other churches in the area. Sunday, January 12, I told the story of Jonah and the Great Fish with a clear gospel presentation.  Please pray for those who heard the gospel but have not trusted in Christ as their Savior.

Hillcrest Baptist Church

January 10th, 2020

Jane is going to stay with her family in Pierceton, Indian to spend time with her mom after cancer surgery.  She is also staying because of her right eye that has suffered an eye infection.  She has a recurring cornea erosion that is rough with lots of scarring.  The Ulcer is closed in and the infection is gone but still very sore and she is not able yet to see out of it.  Please pray for Jane as I move on south for warmer conditions for our motorhome and upcoming meetings.

We visited with Jane’s family in Pierceton, Indiana for Christmas and New Year’s.  After leaving there, I headed South to Richmond, Indiana to preach at Hillcrest Baptist Church and record two messages for a PBS TV program called “Glory Bound”.  I was able to present two stories that will be broadcasted on the local channel in Richmond, Indiana.  For the first half hour program I used Randy to help me tell the story of Samson and what he learned about sin.  Because of time I was only able to present two of my object lessons that I use to illustrate the gospel.  For the second half hour program I was able to invite some children to be on the set to help me with my object lessons and listen to the story.  Rodney came out and helped me tell the story of Noah and the “Great Boat Float”.  Starting off a new year I thought that it would be appropriate to tell a story from the book of beginnings.  Please pray for the people who hear and see these messages on TV that they will head the message of the cross of Calvary.

On Sunday I was able to speak to the children in Children’s Church.  Randy came out and we presented the Gospel and encouraged the Children to live a life of obedience.  One of the children responded to pray with a counselor for help to obey her parents and those in authority over her.  Two others responded for Salvation as the invitation was given at the end of the service.  Please pray for those who responded during the service and for those who still have not trusted Christ as Savior. 

The Greatest of Treasures “Christmas Program”

December 18th, 2019

To help churches in December, we designed a Christmas program. Rawley and Randy help me tell the Christmas story and Jane sings several solos. I, then, speak using a Christmas package as my unifying points: The present in the package is Jesus. The Box reminds me of the Blood that Jesus shed for me; the wrapping Paper, of Propitiation; the Ribbon, of Redemption; the Bow, that he is coming Back; the Nametag, that the gift is offered to each person by Name.

We have used our program at Norwoodville Baptist Church in Des Moines, Iowa and at First Baptist Church in Pierceton, Indiana. Next Sunday, we will be presenting it at Bethel Baptist Church, also in Pierceton, Indiana. Bethel Baptist Church is where Jane’s brother Jim pastors.   

First Baptist Church

December 18th, 2019

On December 1, 2019, I had the privilege to fill the pulpit for Pastor Michael Martin at First Baptist Church in Cumberland, Iowa.  Pastor Martin was on break for Thanksgiving visiting family and friends, giving me the opportunity to preach for him that Sunday.  Pastor Michael allowed us to park at the church so that I could go bow hunting and work on our motorhome.  The manifold on our motor had a crack in it and the muffler and exhaust pipe had rusted out.  With lots of patience, Michael worked on our problem with great skill and several trips for parts in Omaha and Des Moines. 

We left Cumberland on December 2, 2019 with our motorhome exhaust system all fixed giving me more power, better engine braking results and hopefully better diesel millage.  Although I was not able to harvest my deer this year, I did enjoy my time in the woods in Cass County, Iowa.  Please pray for us as we minister in three churches for our Christmas program.