Freedom Baptist Church

February 22nd, 2018

On Sunday, February 18th, 2018, we held meetings at Freedom Baptist Church in Copperas Cove, Texas.  Pastor Joseph Grab and his wife Linda have 18 beautiful children who love the Lord and minister together to reach Fort Hood and the city of Copperas Cove with the gospel.  Leading singing and presenting special music, the family prepares the congregation to hear the preaching of God’s Word.  For Sunday School Rawley helped me teach a Bible lesson for the whole family and Sunday night Rodney presented the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den.  I preached for both the morning and evening service giving an invitation and many responded by coming forward to pray.

On Friday night my molar broke and caused me some discomfort.  Saturday a local dentist informed me I needed a root canal and a cap. He did the canal and a temporary cap on Monday. This was my first experience at having a dentist do so much work on one tooth.  Please pray for us as we work through the expense and pain of this dentist appointment. (I will return to Texas and he will apply the permanent cap in March.)

NorthSide Baptist Church

February 16th, 2018

Silcott Ministries was invited to present our ministry at NorthSide Baptist Church in Nolanville, Texas with Pastor Adam Garber. We started Sunday morning February 11, 2018 with speaking at the Sunday School class with the teens.  Six teens raised their hands committing to serving the Lord and taking a stand on what the Bible teaches.  For the morning service I preached in children’s church with a story from Randy and three object lessons.  Four that responded to the invitation trusted in Christ as their Savior.  For the evening service I introduced Rodney to the whole church family and preached a message out of the gospel of Mark.  Several came to the front to pray seeking to serve the Lord in their daily lives.

On Friday, February 9th, I was asked to speak for the NorthSide Baptist Academy chapel.  They have over 40 students who listened intently to the gospel message.  Pastor Adam and I were able to spend time together during the week in fellowship and touring Fort Hood.  Please pray for NorthSide Baptist Church in Nolanville, Texas as they seek to reach Nolanville and Fort Hood with the gospel of Christ.

Victory Baptist Church

February 10th, 2018

On February 4, 2018, we held meetings at Victory Baptist Church in Copperas Cove, Texas. We have a long-time financial supporter who supports our ministry through this growing church.  Don and Laura S. have prayed for us and supported us for more than 15 years.  Don is now with the Lord and Laura is still serving the Lord at the piano.

Pastor Erick Knight had me preach for a whole family Sunday School class with ventriloquism and object lessons and present our ministry Sunday night.  Sunday morning, I also spoke in children’s church and in the evening, I spoke to the puppet team encouraging them with perfecting their art in their puppet ministry.  Please pray that Victory Baptist Church will take us on for monthly support.

Sherwood Baptist Church

February 10th, 2018

For the week of January 28, 2018, we stopped in Newcastle, Oklahoma to visit Sherwood Baptist Church.  I was able to talk with Pastor Keith Brown and introduce our mission board, Come international Baptist Ministries and our ministry in evangelism.  Another reason for our visit was to see dear friends from the past: Blain Daugherty was the administrator and teacher of the Christian school I attended back in the 1970’s, his wife Carol, and my home room teacher Mark Fulton and his wife Linda.  They all had a big part in helping me with my education and preparing me for college and my future ministry in evangelism.

It was a great encouragement to see them all again and get caught up with how God is using them as they serve the Lord in Oklahoma.  Please pray for Mark and his wife Linda Fulton as they start a new business helping churches with bookkeeping.

Olivet Baptist Church

January 25th, 2018

Thank you for your support of our ministry on the road in missionary evangelism.  Silcott Ministries just finished meetings in Westwood, Kansas at Olivet Baptist Church with Pastor Bruce Anderson.  Friday night and all-day Saturday, I enjoyed joining the deacons and staff at their ministry retreat.  It had great food and powerful preaching to encourage the senior staff and faithful servants of Olivet Baptist Church. Sunday, January 21, was promoted as a Friends’ Day to encourage members to invite their friends to join them at church.  For Sunday School Rawley helped me tell the story of Jonah and the Great Fish and what he learned about his God.  Then for the morning service, I preached from Acts 8 on Philip the Evangelist reaching out to the Ethiopian Eunuch.  Sunday night, Rodney joined me in the story of Daniel and the Lion’s den and I preached on the Living Portfolio of the Demoniac of Gadara.

During the week I was able to speak at two of the chapels for the Christian school.  The first chapel was on Monday with the first through sixth graders and on Tuesday was with the seventh through twelfth graders.  Then on Wednesday night, I spoke to the AWANA children for their devotion time.  One of the highlights of the week was when the Durham family asked me to go to Sunrise Senior Living to share the gospel with the residents.  The gospel was clearly presented, and several have said how much they enjoyed the service.  Please pray that those who know not Christ as their Savior will respond to the Gospel soon.

Good Shepherd Baptist Church

January 20th, 2018

The first two Sundays in January, I filled the pulpit for Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Omaha, Nebraska a church that is looking for a pastor.  The church is located in western Omaha on the corner of a busy intersection surrounded by beautiful homes, across the street is a large office complex building being developed for the Lutheran Hospital.  The last Sunday in December was canceled because of bad weather; but we had great meetings the other two Sundays including a Friend’s Day for a whole family Sunday School service on January 14th.  I preached for each of the services and presented an adult Sunday School class on January 7th.

It was a joy to spend some time with these dear Saints in the southwestern corner of Omaha.  The possibilities of ministry are endless in this growing community.  Please pray for this church that they will soon find a pastor who will love this church family and the community that is growing around them.

Merry Christmas

December 23rd, 2017

This December we were able to park our home at Park Lane Baptist Church in Omaha, Nebraska.  Our plan was to be able to spend some time with our son Caleb who is finishing his junior year at Grace University.  While in Omaha, we presented our Christmas program at Park Lane Baptist Church and Temple Baptist Church.  Because our board meeting was on December 5, 2017, we took our car and traveled to Illinois and presented our Christmas program at Calvary Baptist Church in Pontiac, Illinois on Sunday December 3rd.  On Tuesday, December 19, I presented a short rendition of our Christmas program to the youth at AWANA for Park Lane Baptist Church.  We are rejoicing that two girls responded to the invitation and trusted Christ as their Savior.

Thank you for being our prayer warriors for the Silcott Ministries.  We are thankful for all the blessings of 2017 and look forward to what the Lord has planed for us in 2018.  Please pray for us as we work on filling our schedule for February – April 2018.  So far, we have meetings in Kansas, Texas and Louisiana.

First Baptist Church

November 30th, 2017

During the month of November, we parked our motorhome in Cumberland, Iowa with Pastor Michael & Dawn Martin.  During the week I spent time in the woods trying to harvest a deer for this year’s meat supply.  Praise the Lord I was successful and was able to harvest a young buck from a nearby tree stand.  On weekends I preached in Murray, Iowa; Corning, Iowa; and finally in Cumberland, Iowa, so Pastor Michael could spend some time with family over the Thanksgiving holiday.

We thank Pastor Michael and his wife Dawn for allowing us to stay for such a long time so that we could harvest a deer and hold meetings in other local churches in the area.  The church family was very supportive in praying for us as we worked hard to fill our tag for this bountiful harvest.  Please pray for this growing church and Pastor Martin’s family as they seek to reach this area for Christ.

Grace Baptist Church

November 30th, 2017

On November 19, 2017 we held a one-day meeting at Grace Baptist Church in Corning, Iowa.  Pastor Dan Lamgo invited us to hold an all family Sunday School class with Rawley helping me tell the story of Jonah and the Great Fish.  Then for the morning service, I preached out of John chapter 3 about Nicodemus and his belief that Salvation was a goal to attain; after talking with Jesus, Nicodemus learned that salvation was rather a gift to receive.  After the morning service, the church moved downstairs for a Thanksgiving feast with turkey and all the trimmings.  Jane and I sat with visitors hoping that they would come back next Sunday and hear the pastor preach.

After 1:00 the tables were cleared off and everyone headed upstairs for the closing service of the day and I preached “A Living Portfolio” out of Mark 5 on the Demoniac of Gadara.  Please pray for Pastor Lamgo and this growing church in southern Iowa.

Murray Baptist Church

November 18th, 2017

On November 12, 2017 we held meetings at Murray Baptist Church in Murray, Iowa.  Pastor Alex Bauman had a triple heart bypass the week before and needs lots of prayer and rest.  It was good to see him at church that day and doing very well.  Please pray for him as he gets stronger and recovers from heart surgery.  The morning service was full for my message and a quick introduction of my friend Rawley.  I shared with them that I would tell a full story with Rawley that night and everyone was welcome to come back that night.  After the morning service we all headed downstairs for a thanksgiving meal with turkey and all the trimmings.

We spent the afternoon with Timothy Summers and his family just east of Murray.  We got some rest to prepare us for the evening service, played some games and watched the deer run in the open field.  We got back to the church at 6:00 for the service and found it full of people that wanted to see and hear the story with Rawley.  Pastor was encouraged by the response and others commented on the great attendance.  Please pray for this church as they seek to reach Murray, Iowa with the gospel.