Big Horn Independent Baptist Church

September 16th, 2017

Sunday September 10, 2017, we presented our ministry at Big Horn Independent Baptist Church in Worland, Wyoming.  I have known the pastor, Ron Fanning, for many years.  When I was a child, Ron was the pastor in Spearfish, South Dakota just 50 miles from where I grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota.  During our ministry, Ron was the pastor who told me about the F 800 truck that was for sale at the Ford dealership in Spearfish.  The truck “Monstro” kept us on the road for 13 years.  It was good to see Ron and his wife Kit again and meet the church family in Worland.  For Sunday School, I shared with the church my testimony and presented my burden for the ministry of evangelism.  Both Sunday morning and evening I presented the gospel through ventriloquism and object lessons.

Ron worked hard to introduce me to other people in the area.  On Tuesday at 10:30 I spoke to a group of home school families at the city park in Worland.  On Wednesday, I was asked by the pastor in Thermopolis to come and present our ministry to the church family and speak to their youth.  I have known Pastor Harvey Seidel for many years because he was one of the pastors who supported my Dad as a missionary in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Both Pastor Ron Fanning and Pastor Harvey Seidel are praying about having us come back in 2019 or 2020 for Vacation Bible School.

Calvary Baptist Church

September 9th, 2017

On September 3, 2017 I preached in Douglas, Wyoming for Pastor Matthew Roberts.  Pastor Roberts and his wife Amanda just moved to Douglas to pastor this small church west of Casper, Wyoming.  For the past several years we have held a Vacation Bible School and filled the pulpit for Calvary Baptist Church praying that they would soon find a pastor for this growing church.   We thank the Lord for their new pastor and his wife as they seek to reach this community for the Lord.

Being close to Casper, Wyoming we knew about a mechanic shop which did great work for us in the past.  Our Saturn Ion was making sounds in the front when we made turns.  They discovered that a motor mount was broken and both driveshafts needed to be replaced.  Big expense, but God is able to provide as the work is finished and we rejoice that we did not break down on a lonely Wyoming road as many do not have cell service.

Grace Baptist Church

September 9th, 2017

We started August 26 on Saturday night in Cokeville with hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill followed by ventriloquism, an object lesson, and a singspiration. Pastor Hartman and Pastor Sprecher of Thayne are trying to start a new church in Cokeville which is halfway between the two communities.  These pastors are conducting a Bible study each week to grow a group of believers.

Then August 27 – 30 we were at Grace Baptist Church in Kemmerer, Wyoming with Pastor Richard Hartman.  We treated the meetings as a whole family Vacation Bible School and I preached every night using ventriloquism and object lessons.  Each service was well attended by members, visitors and friends from the community.  Please pray for those who heard the gospel but have not responded by faith in Christ.

During the week Jane was able to spend time with quilting friends that live in town.  She finished several quilts with their long arm quilting machine which helps make the job much faster.  Jane even stayed back in Kemmerer as I traveled to Douglas, Wyoming so she could spend a couple more days with friends.

Friendship Baptist Church

August 21st, 2017

In Thayne, Wyoming at Friendship Baptist Church, we held an evening Vacation Bible School with Pastor Jay Sprecher.  One of the church members had a friend from work bring his son on Monday night for DVBS.  We are praying that he will come to church with the rest of his family.  One of the boys brought his brother to VBS so that he could get double visitor points.  The children enjoyed the ventriloquism each day and worked hard on their Bible verses learning the motions and songs for the daily points.  For an incentive to learn the verses and work on their daily work sheets they would earn an ice cream sundae on Friday night.  They would get one scoop for 1500 points; two scoops for 2500 points; and three scoops for 3500 points.  The one that had the most points for the week would win a bowl heaping full of ice cream with a banana, whipped cream, and a cherry on the top.

During the week people in the church helped me work on our driver side mirror which was falling off the motor home.  The bolts holding the mirror were stripped out and slowly getting very loose.  Being in a secluded area with no one close by to fix my problem, I looked for people in the church who could help me.  Each night after VBS church members helped me remove the mirror and look for solutions to fix the problem.  By Thursday night we got the mirror back up on the motorhome and fully secured.  Thanks to J.D. Fulbright and others in the church we are safe to go back on the road.  Please pray for Friendship Baptist Church as they seek to reach this community for Christ.

Come International Baptist Ministries
Fiftieth Anniversary

August 18th, 2017

Come International Baptist Ministries is going to celebrate their 50th Anniversary in Pontiac, Illinois on May 20 – 25, 2018.  Please pray for COME as we look forward to celebrating this milestone in the ministry of our mission board.

Grace Bible Church

August 18th, 2017

August 6 – 11, 2017 we held a Daily Vacation Bible School in Lander, Wyoming.  Pastor Timothy Senter and his wife Chris run a day care center in the back of the church.  Each day we had children from the day care and others that came from town; they worked hard on their memory verses and worksheets after the daily story from God’s Word.  Tickets were given out for rewards after saying verses or bringing friends, their Bible or completed worksheet. For three tickets they picked one prize from the treasure chest.  It was a joy to see them work hard to earn three tickets each day.  Some even had up to 12 tickets in one day.

We did not see any decisions for salvation, but the seed was sown and the dry fields watered with a clear presentation of the gospel.  Please pray for decisions in the future as pastor and the church family continue to seek to reach Lander for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Also pray for their need to replace a laptop that was stolen from the church during the week that we were there.  For a praise, we thank pastor’s son, Sean Senter for helping us repair our stove and a slide out step that covers the entry way in our motorhome.

First Baptist Church

August 5th, 2017

Because the closing program for Faith Baptist Church in Iowa City was on Sunday, July 23, we started our VBS In Cannon Falls, Minnesota on Tuesday, July 25.  We presented our VBS “On Track for Christ” Tuesday – Sunday.  Each night the children worked hard to memorize the verses using motions and singing the verses which I led while Jane playing the piano.  Each night we started at 6:00 pm and went through to 7:30. We started by singing the theme song and songs that Pastor Brad Berglund had taught the children in the past.  I presented the gospel through ventriloquism and object lessons from 6:10 to 6:40. From 6:40 to 6:50 Jane taught the verses using motions and music to help the children remember the verses to quote them for their teacher.   From 6:50 to 7:15 the children played game time and ate a quick treat of cookies and crackers.  The closing included a big candy grab for each verse that they memorized and info for the next day.

We closed our week of VBS on Sunday night and had parents of the VBS children. Sunday morning, I preached to a full church and saw several new families and friends that we have known for several years. We enjoyed seeing the church family and spending time each day with Pastor Brad and Linda Berglund.  Please pray for this growing church and for the children who heard the gospel and have not trust Christ as Savior.

Faith Baptist Church

July 26th, 2017

Faith Baptist Church in Iowa City, Iowa was our next Daily Vacation Bible School from July 16 through the next Sunday, July 23.  During the week VBS started at 9:30 am and ended at 3:00 pm. This all-day VBS was busy and we had a high of 170 children. For this week, the church followed the curriculum from Answers in Genesis called “Operation Arctic”.  We looked at the Coolest Book in the Universe.  Each day Jane and I helped with the Junior class, specifically with listening to verses.  After lunch, I used ventriloquism and object lessons to tell a story that fit the theme for the day.

Throughout each day the temperature rose and the humidity continued to get higher, but fortunately, the rain always waited until after the children headed home.  On Thursday night, the tornado warning was just after the children were all gone and safely in their homes.  The closing program was the next Sunday night on July 23.  Pastor Waldron had scheduled me three years in advance, so we could stay from Sunday to Sunday for this program to share with the parents the gospel.  50 children returned for the closing program to receive their prizes and to see which team won the race, the Blundering Bears or the Wacky Wolves.  Please pray for the church as they follow up on these many contacts. Please pray for the 12 children that trusted in Christ as their Savior and for Pastor and his wife as they continue to serve the Lord in this growing church.

As Iowa City is the home of the Iowa Hawkeyes- University of Iowa, Faith Baptist has an ongoing outreach to the international college community; this fall they will again have their international give-away of furniture, please pray for endurance for the workers and open hearts in the college students. Because of this international influence, many of the parents of the children in the VBS speak English as their second language.

Ladysmith Baptist Church

July 20th, 2017

Our Vacation Bible School on July 9th through July 14th was held in Ladysmith, Wisconsin with Pastor David Smith and his wife Elaine.  Pastor Smith wanted us to hold a whole Family Vacation Bible School from 7:30 to 8:30 Monday through Friday.  Each message was from our theme “On Track for Christ” and we started with our key verse set to music and different stanzas from the song “I am in the Lord’s Army”.

Each day we had fellowship at pastor’s house just before going over to the church for the evening service.  The children quoted our theme verse at the end of the week and enjoyed the ice cream sundaes served on Friday night after the last service.  It was good to see the church family again and catch up on the family news from pastor and his wife.  Please pray for this church in the heart of Ladysmith, Wisconsin as they have important decisions to make in the near future.

Camp Shiloh

July 20th, 2017

On July 2, we started our week at Oakland Baptist Church in Oakland, Minnesota and presented our ministry and preached for each of the Sunday Services.  Then Monday July 3 through Friday July 7, we served the Lord as camp evangelist at Camp Shiloh held at Camp Patterson.  Each morning at 10:00 I presented my seminar on “What every Camper Should Know” including subjects such as: Creation over Evolution, the Inspiration of God’s Word, and the Deity of Christ.  Each evening at 7:00 I presented the gospel through ventriloquism and object lessons with a surprise ending.  We had a great group of kids during the week with joyful singing and hearts open to the Word of God.

During the week, they had lots of games of kick ball, gogga ball, baseball and capture the flag.  The lake provided swimming, fishing and boat rides for all.  We praise the Lord for the decisions that were made during the week.  We saw two respond for salvation, two for assurance and 2 more for dedication to serve the Lord.  Please pray for those who heard the gospel, but have not responded.