Bible Baptist Church

After leaving the state of California, we headed to Bible Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Pastor Mitch Serviss invited us to come and preach on Sunday morning and evening on September 9, 2018.  What a joy to see friends and others who are now attending faithfully and serving the Lord in Las Vegas. For Sunday School I introduced our summer ministry through ventriloquism and object lessons.  For Sunday morning I presented our ministry with COME and preached an evangelistic message of Philip reaching the Ethiopian Eunuch for Christ.  Sunday night I presented five methods of evangelism found in Scripture.  With this challenge that we all can do the work of an evangelist, eight people responded to the invitation to pray for courage and opportunities to reach out to friends for Christ.

Before leaving for our next meeting in Utah, we spent time with friends sightseeing in Las Vegas and spending time in the desert to target practice.  Please pray for Pastor Serviss as he works with doctors looking for answers for his migraines and back pain.  Several friends told us that Las Vegas is showing evidence that the city is becoming more wicked and more public in its rebelliousness. Prayers for the church as they seek to reach Las Vegas for Christ is greatly appreciated.

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