Grace Bible Church

After attending the Northern Plains Pastors Conference, October 7 – 10, 2018 we headed to our next meeting at Grace Bible Church in Lander, Wyoming.  Pastor Timothy Senter and his wife Chris have served the Lord here in Lander for 10 years seeking to reach this area with the gospel of Christ.  After arriving in Lander on Friday, we rode with Pastor and his wife to Rock Springs three hours south for fellowship and to resolve an issue with the borders of the church property.  We had to find a former church member and a notary to witness the signing of some papers. With help from some friends of ours and wonderful timing God brought it all to a successful ending.

On our way back from Rock Springs we were welcomed with a snowstorm topping the mountain pass just south of Lander.  This storm meant that the only people in church on Sunday was the pastor’s family and the traveling evangelist and his wife.  I still preached the message that God laid on my heart to a sparse auditorium.  On the pulpit though was pastor’s phone broadcasting the service live on Facebook for all to hear.  Please pray for this growing church and for God’s Word to keep working in lost hearts.

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