Big Horn Independent Baptist Church

The Sunday of October 21, 2018, we ministered at Big Horn Independent Baptist Church in Worland, Wyoming.  We enjoyed our fellowship with Pastor Ron & Kit Fanning and the church family as we presented our ministry in evangelism in a whole family Sunday School and Morning Service.  For Sunday night we answered questions about our ministry and presented our mission board.

On Wednesday morning Pastor Fanning organized a meeting in the community center for me to speak to the home school group in Worland.  It was a great opportunity to speak to over 30 people who came to listen to Rawley tell the story of Jonah and the Great Fish and what Jonah learned about God in the Mediterranean Institute. Please pray for those who do not know the Savior to trust in Him soon.  Please pray for Big Horn Independent Baptist Church as they seek to reach this community for Christ and pray as we return for a Daily Vacation Bible School the Summer of 2020.

During our stay in Worland, Wyoming, we had a chance to drive through Yellowstone National Park.  I also helped Pastor Ron build a roof over a parked camper to keep snow off the roof and I helped Pastor Ron and Kit process an elk that one of the church members harvested for meat for his family.

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