Raccoon River Bible Camp

From June 16 – 28 I spoke at Raccoon River Bible Camp for two weeks of Junior Bible Camp. Raccoon River Bible Camp is located off of Highway 30,  15 miles east of Carroll, Iowa.  Over the last 30 years, I have spoken at this camp for first under Director Dennis Lafleur and then under Director Jan Kolar.  This year the Board of Directors are leading the camp alongside an Interim director Pastor Mike Parkin from Kansas City, Missouri. 

The kids had lots of fun together with the games, in the pool, at the mini golf course, the beebee gun range and archery range and with carpetball games.  RRBC emphasizes memory work and it was thrilling to hear campers repeat their verses throughout the weeks. During the week the campers let me know that they enjoyed the ventriloquism and object lessons that presented the gospel each evening service. 

During the first week of camp we rejoice that two campers trusted in Christ as their Savior.  Another camper that week responded to pray with a counselor to help them respond in obedience to family and friends.  During the second week we saw three camper trust Christ as Savior and others respond with questions about God and the plan of Salvation.  Please pray for Raccoon River Bible Camp as they look for a new director and for the decisions that are made in the lives of these young children.

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