First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church

Our last week of meetings this summer was held at First Baptist Church in Lake Benton, Minnesota with Pastor Rich Riley and his wife Heather.  We started on Sunday, July 28th with Vacation Bible School and went through July 31st.  Next on August 2nd  & 3rd (Friday and Saturday) at the Lincoln County Fair in Tyler, Minnesota, Pastor, his family, the church family and Jane and I, we handed out tracks and information on the church.  To draw a crowd, we had some puzzles and games that would invite spiritual questions from onlookers.  Pastor even gave a way candy if they would answer a Bible trivia question. 

Then on Sunday, August 4, 2019 I preached for the morning service at Hole in the Mountain Campground in Lake Benton for the Te Tonka Ha Rendezvous Benton-Fremont Days.  I used Rawley as the introduction to the message and three object lessons to present the gospel.  As I was preaching, behind the pavilion, they were preparing buffalo stew and boiling corn.  A local newspaper reporter took some pictures and interviewed me for an article coming out soon. 

Here’s a link with photos from the rendezvous.

We closed off the week of meetings Sunday night with the last message in our Vacation Bible School theme.  It was on what I call “The Greatest Man in the Bible – Moses”.  Pastor invited a fellowshipping church just over the border in South Dakota.  I got to meet a new pastor and present the gospel to a large crowd to close off the meetings.  Please pray for those who heard the gospel, but have not trusted in Christ as their Savior.  Thanks for your prayers for the Silcott Ministries.

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