Prairie View Baptist Church

On September 1, 2019, we held meetings at Prairie View Baptist Church in Moorcroft, Wyoming.  It was exciting to meet the new pastor Joshua and his wife Rebecca Clark.  Over the years this church has been in our prayers, because this was the church that my dad wired the electric and built the cabinets in the kitchen.  I remember as a teen helping with the sheetrock work and helping my dad with the wiring of the light switches and the electric plugins.  Eating lunch in the church we were able to see the cabinets still being in use all these years. 

For Sunday School I presented a message for the whole family and preached in both the morning and afternoon service right after dinner.  The gospel was presented, and the fellowship was very sweet.  Please pray for this church as they seek to reach the lost and encourage the saints in this small church just off from I-90 in the state of Wyoming. 

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