Calvary Baptist Church

We are quarantined in our motorhome, because of the threat of the Covid 19.  This last week we have been in Kingman, Arizona behind Calvary Baptist Church.  They are still looking for a pastor and seeking people that can fill the pulpit for them each Sunday.  We have had the joy of spending time in Kingman and helping the church by recording four services for them during this epidemic.  I preached for Sunday, March 29, 2020 and for Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020 and for Easter Sunday, April 12.  The last recording was for Sunday, April 12, 2020.  For each service Jane and I sang hymns and choruses encouraging the listeners to follow along at home.  I inserted the announcements and Bible reading between the singing. We have missed seeing our friends but have enjoyed the opportunity to share the Word and update the church with our ministry.

During the two weeks that we parked at the church we were able to travel and see the local sights.  One day we traveled north to see the Hoover Dam (it was closed) and the large mountain ranges along the route.  The next week we traveled down south and saw Lake Havasu.  The trip took us along the riverbank down to Parker Strip and back up North to Needles, California, then back to Kingman, Arizona.  The picture above is one of the many mountains we enjoyed on the way.  Please pray for us as we consider our schedule for the future, because of Corona Virus and for the church in Kingman, Arizona as they look for a Pastor.

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