Charity Baptist Church


From May 27 – June 2, at Charity Baptist Church in Blountville, Tennessee, I helped with visitation with Pastor Charles Brooks to prepare for Vacation Bible School.  Then, the next week, I helped with VBS with Amazing Wonders Aviation as the theme.  I spoke with my ventriloquist partners and tied together the story and theme.  On Friday night I spoke to the adults and children for the closing program.  We are rejoicing that 40 young children trusted Christ as their Savior during the week.  Please pray for one or more families to start coming to church as a result of our ministry this week.

charity01.JPGDuring these weeks, Jane and Caleb spent time with Jane’s parents in Pierceton, Indiana.  They helped with my nephew Joshua’s graduation reception.  Jane spoke to the Ladies Bible Study.  Caleb and Jane helped with decorations for the upcoming VBS at Bethel Baptist of Pierceton.  Jane was able to see a dentist to get her teeth cleaned, 5 cavities filled, and her broken tooth capped with a new crown.  (Caleb will be spending an additional six weeks with his grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.) 

During this week, a malicious virus attacked and murdered our mother board, so we had to replace our computer.  Because of friends in the church,  I was able to find a new computer for a good price.  Please pray for the finances needed to cover this unexpected expense.

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