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Faith Baptist Church

Friday, August 31st, 2007


After leaving Carrington, North Dakota, we headed south to Albert Lea, Minnesota for just a Sunday service to present our ministry. We got to see friends again that we have made in the past and developed new friends that we hope to see again in the near future.

Sunday afternoon I spent some time with Dr. Smith and his family. We went out to the gun club and I was able to load and throw clay pigeons so the College and Career class could practice shooting them down. The college students were starting classes that week at Pillsbury Baptist Bible College.

Please pray that we can raise some more support as we present our ministry in a number of churches this fall.

Faith Baptist Church

Friday, August 31st, 2007


Carrington, North Dakota was our last Vacation Bible School for the summer of 2007. We started on August 19 with a kick- off service Sunday night. Then on Monday we started the week with 18 children in attendance. We closed the week with a high of 33 breaking the churches record of 20 young people two years ago.

We saw 4 respond to the invitation and trust Christ as their Savior. After leading one boy in the sinner’s prayer, I encouraged him to tell the pastor about the decision that he had mad. He stepped outside to find the pastor just as it started raining. His comment was that Jesus must be crying, because I got saved.

Faith Baptist Church in North Dakota is one of our faithful supporters for several years. With churches like them and several others, we are able to continue our ministry of evangelism all through America and around the world.


Face Painting
Carrington North Dakota


Children playing games
Carrington North Dakota

Bethel Baptist Church

Monday, August 20th, 2007



Our second to last Vacation Bible School this summer was held on August 12 – 17 in Britt, Iowa. At Bethel Baptist Church we had a high of 37 children that faithfully attended and brought in new visitors. What a blessing to see the various members working together to reach these children. Bethel Baptist is a recovery work and we appreciate missionaries Pastor Bob and Carol Fleming.

We rejoice that 11 come to know Christ as their personal Savior. We also had 5 respond to the invitation about defeating lying in their young Christian lives. On Friday night the children got extra points for bringing their parents. Praise the Lord around 10 parents or adult relatives of the kids attended. Please pray that Bethel Baptist will see one family join the church as a result of our Vacation Bible School.


The sign advertising
Vacation Bible School
in Britt, Iowa.



Collapsed Awning in
Adel, Iowa

Rapid Street Baptist Church

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Our next destination was Adel Iowa just 13 miles west of Des Moines. We arrived in Adel around 5:00 in the evening which was a great time to get parked and pack all of our things into the church for Sunday morning service. That night August 4th it rained very hard filling our awning full of very heavy water. The water was so heavy that the metal supports on the awning snapped. The material was still in fine condition but the hardware came down in a mangled heap. After lots of calls to our insurance, we found out that we just need to pay the deductible of 500.00 and they will cover the rest.

Vacation Bible School August 5 – 10 resulted in several first time visitors and six young lives that trusted in Christ as their Savior. On Wednesday we had one child come forward to pray with a counselor about lying. Please pray for these young lives that they will begin to grow in the Lord and start attending church faithfully.

On Saturday, August 11 we stayed in Adel to march in their parade and enjoy some of Iowa’s outstanding sweet corn. Adel, Iowa has a corn fest that offers all the corn you want for free on one day of the year. We just so happened to be there on just the right day. Then at 1:00 we were off to our next meeting in Britt, Iowa.

Olivet Baptist Church

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007


The week of July 29 through August 3 we held our 6th daily Vacation Bible School in Westwood, Kansas at Olivet Baptist Church. We enjoyed the fellowship from this strong growing church near Kansas City, Kansas. One of our board members from Committee On Missionary Evangelism attends Olivet Baptist Church. We spent time together looking for RV parks for our upcoming COME conference in the Kansas City area.

Our VBS theme was Building Lives For Christ with Rawley, Randy, and Rodney as the contractors for the construction site. The children were the subcontractors working on saying verses bringing their Bibles and inviting friends so they could earn bricks for their construction site. We saw 4 young people respond to the gospel and trust Christ as their personal Savior.

On Friday morning after VBS was over we had a picnic complete with ice cream, chips, cookies and a fifty- foot hot dog. I have never shared my hot dog with 65 other people before.


Fifty Foot Hot Dog



Lighthouse Baptist Fellowship

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Pastor Dave Trader is the pastor of this small growing church in Texarkana, Arkansas. We have held meetings for Pastor Trader three other times in the past 15 years. They had lots of new visitors the week of July 22 – 27 at Vacation Bible School as we shared with them our theme, Building Lives for Christ.

On Thursday and Friday during VBS, a quartet from the Oklahoma Baptist College came and sang to the young people, as well as, the adults. These fine young men were a great help with listening to verses. It was evident that they had a great love for kids and for serving the Lord.

Please pray for Texarkana many of these children live in desperate situations. These young people need to trust Christ as their Savior. Many raised their hands showing an interest in the gospel, but did not respond to the invitation. Pray that their mothers and grandmothers will also come to know the Lord. Only Christ can fix the brokenness of their homes and lives.

When we first came to Texarkana, the church met in a very small house. Praise the Lord the church is now meeting in a different building. Originally the building was a drive- through liquor store and bar. We rejoice in the fact that this building is now a church seeking to reach this area for Christ. Satan’s influence is very strong in this area and Pastor Trader and church family need lots of prayer.