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Calvary Baptist Church

Monday, October 29th, 2007


During the week of October 21st, 2007, we held a half a week of meetings in Cambridge, Minnesota. Pastor Dave Gerhardt has known me since I was a toddler living at home with my parents. Over the years I have fond memories of Pastor Gerhardt and of his parents Al and May Gerhardt who are retired missionaries from Martin, South Dakota.

The church family attended the meetings faithfully as I shared with them how we can live and know God’s will. This series of messages has been a great encouragement to me with lots of great responses from the saints. The last message is a challenge from Job and how he made it through his trials.

I was also able to speak to the children in their Christian school. Some of the youth let me know that they were interested in learning how to do ventriloquism. It was a joy for me to encourage them and tell them where they can find the proper help to get them started. In time they just might take my place on the road serving in the ministry of evangelism.

Please pray for this growing church as they continue to reach this expanding area for Christ.

Life long friends that I call Grandma and Grandpa

Al & May Gerhardt

Faith Baptist Church

Monday, October 29th, 2007

pastorron_sm.jpgOn October 14th I spoke for Pastor Ron Hemsworth at the Faith Baptist Church in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. Ron had scheduled a vacation that week and needed someone to fill the pulpit for him.

Although Ron was on vacation, he stayed at home to work on some home projects that needed to be done. I was so happy that he asked me to fill the pulpit for him for each service on Sunday and to help him with raking the leaves in his yard. That week I was also able to help him put a deer stand that he wanted to use for this year’s deer hunting season.

Pastor Ron Hemsworth was my roommate in college, down at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa. God has used him in so many ways in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. It is so encouraging to see God use him to reach this needy area for the Savior.

Please pray for Ron and all of his ministry opportunities. His morning service is seen on TV each week; he works on the local ambulance crew; and serves the Lord as a chaplain for the local police department.

First Baptist Church

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007


We left on Wednesday night after our meetings in Wellsville, New York so that we could get a propane leak fixed on our trailer in Elkhart, Indiana. While I was reading my Bible under our new awning, I could smell propane. The best place to get this problem fixed right would be at Travel Supreme where our trailer was built.

After our trailer was fixed, I tried to get a few hours of rest before driving again all night so that Jane could go to the ladies retreat in Minnesota. The drive that night took place with light traffic through the Chicago area and lots of bright stars lighting the way. We made it just in time to set up our trailer at the church and get Jane ready to go with the church van on their annual retreat.

Baptist Church in Hibbing, Minnesota is under construction as they are working on putting new shingles on the roof and new siding all around the building. Looking at all of this construction reminded us of our Vacation Bible School theme this summer, “Building Lives for Christ”. We have a supporting family in this church that has been a great encouragement to us over the last several years. Please pray that the Lord will continue to bless this growing work in Northern Minnesota.


hibbingmn-005.jpgBeing in northern Minnesota we always have to take time and talk to Paul Bunyan and his mighty Blue Ox. We can see big statues of this Minnesota legend everywhere we go.

Faith Baptist Church of York Corners

Monday, October 8th, 2007


In southern New York in the midst of the changing leaves we held a week of meetings from September 30 through October 3rd in Wellsville. This small church built by putting 6 mobile homes together in a community called York Corners. We saw the Lord working in the hearts of the saints as they faithfully attended the meetings.

One night we saw a visiting pastor from the area that came to support the pastor and church family. We also saw friends come that were invited by faithful church members. The pastor and church families have been praying for these friends that they would soon see their need to trust Christ as their Savior.

We are praying for the salvation of the husband of a church member. Her husband attended the meetings and heard the gospel clearly presented. Before he left Pastor Vernon Dean was able to share the gospel with him one more time at the door. Please pray that the Holy Spirit can use what was said to convince him of his need of a Savior.