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Christmas Program

Thursday, December 6th, 2007


During the month of December we will park our trailer in Omaha Nebraska so that we can present our Christmas program in the Omaha area. Our goal is to help churches that are not able to have a Christmas program to schedule something special during the month of December. Rawley and Randy help me tell the Christmas story with a thought-provoking dialogue. Jane sings two songs that flow with the story and Timothy ends the story with a 15 minute Christmas message.

We will be presenting our Christmas program at Temple Baptist Church, Park Lane Baptist Church and Heartland Baptist Church. Then after December 16th, we will make our way out to Rapid City, South Dakota where we will spend Christmas with my dad. We will share our Christmas program for the last time this year at the Rapid Valley Faith Baptist Church in South Dakota.

I will also be speaking every Wednesday night at Park Lane Baptist Church. Currently they are without a pastor. Pastor David Knutson their former pastor died earlier this year.


Thursday, December 6th, 2007


On November 20th we added a pet to our home on the road. Ginger is a full blooded poodle that has brought new challenges and joy to our lives. We got her from Miriam Holaday in Cumberland Iowa.

Silcott’s Harvest

Thursday, December 6th, 2007


For three weeks I was able to go deer hunting to provide us with some fresh meat for the next year. I was able to harvest one deer in Minnesota and two deer in Iowa. We made 50 pounds of Polish sausage and canned 20 quarts of deer roast and 45 quarts of deer burger.

During these weeks we presented our ministry in Gilbert, Minnesota, and in Iowa at Cumberland, Altoona, and Norwoodville. My goal was to harvest a deer with my bow in Iowa for the second year in a row. God had other plans so I tried again during the first shot gun season in Cumberland Iowa. Pastor Michael and his wife Dawn allowed me to stay in their home until I was able to get a deer and butcher the meat. I was able to hunt on a farmer’s land that gave me one of his land owner tags so that I could harvest a second deer.