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Bible Baptist Church

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008


February 17 took us to the eastern edge of Las Vegas where we hear chickens and see horses and cows. Yes, we are still in the town of Las Vegas, but in an area that allows families to have farm animals.

We spoke at Bible Baptist Church for an all church Sunday School service. Rodney challenged the church family with the faithfulness of Daniel and his love for his living God. After the morning service we saw 5 adults respond to the invitation to see the lost as Jesus sees them.

In the evening service we presented our ministry through ventriloquism and a clear gospel message. Five other saints responded with the desire to put sin out of their lives and serve the Lord in their lives.

After the service it was so encouraging to see a young man respond in obedience and go through the waters of baptism. It is always a joy to see people obey the Lord and follow in His footsteps.

College Park Baptist Church

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008


On February 10, 2008 we ministered at the College Park Baptist Church where we had the opportunity to present our ministry in the evening. This church has a great view of the stratosphere. The stratosphere is the large tower found on the end of the strip in Los Vegas.

On Friday I had the privilege to go out on their visitation program. On Monday Caleb and I went out with the pastor and other church members to hand out tracts and encourage people on there visitors list to come back in the near future.

Please pray for the four adults that raised their hand for courage to be a better witness for Christ in the future.

Los Vegas, Nevada

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008


The rest of this month found us visiting the large city of Las Vegas. Not to gamble but to present our ministry to several of the Baptist Churches within the city limits. We started our introductions in a large church near a big shopping center, Liberty Baptist Church. We parked at this church on February third and enjoyed the rest and the opportunity to meet some of the saints that attended the church.