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Faith Baptist Church

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008


With the Air Dam now on the top of the truck, we drove south from New Iberia to a small church in Franklin, Louisiana. Because of a cancelation, we had this Sunday open. Pastor Williams in Franklin asked me to come and speak for Sunday school and for the Sunday night service. Please pray for those that were lost and heard the gospel again that morning. Also pray for the people who responded to the invitation to share their faith with their friends.

We were able to go on visitation – door knocking- with the church on Saturday afternoon. A father promised to come, but on Sunday morning only his wife and children attended. Please pray for this father he is a young believer caught in the web of drugs.

Temple Baptist Church

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008


On April 13th we made our way from Jennings, Louisiana and drove southeast to Temple Baptist Church in New Iberia, Louisiana. We arrived a few days early, so the youth pastor asked me if I could speak to the teens for their Friday night game and grill night. They played kickball outside and pool, ping pong, and foosball in the game room. They have a large gym so it was fun to take advantage of their many benefits.

It was a joy to meet this church family and see their love for God’s Word. A family came forward to share with the church their decision to trust Christ as their Savior earlier that week. We also had one person come forward to pray for some of his friends that he knows are not saved.

That week one man stepped forward and told me that he would be willing to help me re-fiberglass my broken Air Dam on the truck. We are so happy to get this part repaired before it broke more. Another man helped me repair two propane leaks –one under the trailer and one in the oven. Please pray for this growing church and their need for a piano player.

A Note from Louisiana

Monday, April 14th, 2008


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Vision Baptist Church

Monday, April 14th, 2008


Pastor John LeJeune is starting a church plant in Jennings, Louisiana. On Sunday morning we put the whole church together while Rawley challenged the church family with the life story of Jonah and what Jonah learned about his God. For each evening starting on Sunday night, we had two preachers deliver a challenging message from the theme, “throw out the life line”. I preached for each service as well as a local evangelist for Sunday night, a church builder in the area on Monday night, and a new pastor from the area on Tuesday night. Then on Wednesday night the pastor’s teenage son preached with me to close the meetings. The people faithfully attended and gave us a warm welcome.

We ended the meetings with the pastor’s teen son preaching from Matthew on why we should throw out the life line. I closed the meetings with a message on the Rapture, the greatest event on the horizon of time. During the invitation a young lad came forward to trust Christ as his Savior. The church has been praying for this young man for several months. There were tears of joy shed with rejoicing for this young soul.

Each evening the front of the church was full of people with tender hearts asking the Lord to help them to be better witnesses for Him. It was a joy to have a part in this week of meetings. The hearts of this church family were very tender to the preaching of God’s Word. Please pray for this new work as they strive to reach Jennings, Louisiana for the Savior.

Gonzales Baptist Temple

Monday, April 7th, 2008


We parked at Gonzales Baptist Temple from March 23 through April 4, 2008. Our schedule was open for Easter Sunday so we spent Easter with some dear friends in Gonzales, Louisiana. Right after Easter Sunday, Jane and Caleb flew from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Bledsoe, Kentucky to spend a week with grandparents.

I stayed in Louisiana and spent the time with Pastor Johnson helping with computers and learning about security for wireless internet. During our stay I was able to present our ministry through Windows Movie Maker and preach on Wednesday night for prayer meeting. On Saturday I helped in the distribution line for a church ministry called Angel Food. For a low price people in the community are able to come to the church for extra food for their freezers and cupboards.

Jane and Caleb flew back on Friday night just in time for us to fellowship with Pastor Johnson and his wife. This church family has been a great encouragement to us in our ministry of evangelism. Please pray for this growing church in the heart of Louisiana.