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Evangel Baptist Church

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009


On January 18 through January 21, we were able to park and minister at Evangel Baptist Church located in Missionary Acres.  Pastor Mark Hunsberger and his wife Linda are doing a great job reaching the youth in this country area located in Silva, Missouri.

I was able to speak to the youth group during our stay at Missionary Acres.  Rawley helped me tell the story about what Jonah learned about his God: once on Monday night to the children and once for Wednesday night to the teens.  As a result, we saw one little girl trust Christ as her Savior and four others that had questions about salvation and eternal security.

evangel-006.jpgMissionary Acres offers affordable housing in a pleasant location for retired missionaries and pastors.  It was good to see friends of ours that we have ministered with in previous ministries.  Please pray for this church as they reach the lost in the area and strive to meet the needs of the missionaries that live on the Acres.

Marion Independent Baptist Church

Saturday, January 17th, 2009


For Sunday January 11, 2009 we were able to introduce our ministry to the Marion Independent Baptist Church in Marion, Illinois.  We have held several Vacation Bible Schools in Marion, Illinois in the past.  It was good to see our friends, as well as, meet new families that have started to attend the church. 

It was good to be able to share with this church family how God used me in the Philippines and give them an update on our monthly travels.  Please pray for this growing church in Marion, Illinois.


Monday, January 12th, 2009

Pastor Jun Loquias asked me to come to the Philippines and minister in a number of the churches that he started in the Davao area.  After starting these churches, he trained pastors for these growing churches.  As an outreach in each area, he also trained ladies in each church to start school classes to teach children how to read and sing songs. 


It was a joy to be able to minister in many of these churches.  I also preached the gospel to the children and their parents in their Christmas programs.  Many came and trusted in Christ as their Savior.


During Christmas break from school, we started what the Filipinos call their Youth Congress meetings.  In three different locations, I spoke to over 400 teens seeing 25 respond to an invitation for purity, 250 for dedication, and 12 for salvation.


One of the pastors rode a boat for 5 hours with 6 teens just to come to camp.  Another pastor walked for 13 hours and crossed the same river 43 times just to come and hear me preach.  They reminded me often of the danger in coming to this area to minister.  I thank God for his protection and the fact that I was able to get back home without any problems in my travels.


On this trip to the Philippines, I saw 688 people trust Christ as their Savior.  Many teens and adults responded with tender hearts to live for the Lord with God’s help.  I preached 59 times in 24 days from December 11 through January 5, 2009.

Faith Baptist Church

Monday, January 12th, 2009


From December 11 through January 6, 2009 Jane and Caleb stayed in Bridgeton Missouri as I ministered in the Philippines.  The church in Bridgeton was willing to let Jane stay in the church parking lot and help her with any problems or blessings that she might run into.  While I was gone, our water pump decided to crack and run water all throughout the basement of our trailer.  Praise the Lord Leon Barron from the church was able to come to her aid and fix this potentially destructive problem.   was a blessing to us in our time of need.