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Open Door Baptist Church

Monday, February 22nd, 2010


Snow, Snow, Snow!  It is snowing in Prescott Valley, Arizona.  And you thought that we travel to Arizona to get away from the snow.  It is amazing how much snow Arizona gets up in the mountains above the famous Sun Valley.  This week because of a cancelation, we are spending the week in Prescott Valley.  On Friday, I challenged the teens with a Bible study concerning eternal security and this Tuesday, I will speak to the Awana group with one of my friends. 

Sunday night, before Pastor Thomas Petro preached, I was able to give the church an update on some of the events on my Philippines trip and summer ministry.  We have enjoyed the opportunity to see long time friends.  Open Door Baptist Church was one of our first supporting churches. 

Calvary Baptist Church

Friday, February 19th, 2010


Last week I held meetings on February 14 at Calvary Baptist Church in Kingman, Arizona.  I spoke for a whole church Sunday School with Rodney and preached the morning service with a power point presentation on the Greatest Event on the Horizon of Time.  The morning service was interrupted with a man who claimed to be a prophet.  With the help of pastor and other men, I was able to make it through the message with one vocal outburst. 

In the evening service I started with an appearance from Rosie and the story of Ruth and Boaz.  For the message I presented my burden in evangelism and closed with a request to see Rawley, my oldest ventriloquist partner.  Please pray for Pastor Lenzi as he must wait a few days for a dental appointment for a very painful tooth. 

Valley Baptist Church

Monday, February 8th, 2010


On February 7, we held meetings at the Valley Baptist Church in Winslow, Arizona.  This is the first time that we were able to meet Pastor John Woods and his family.  They serve under Baptist Mid Missions.  I spoke  for a whole family Sunday School class in the morning , then preached an evangelistic message at the 11:00 hour.  Right after the morning service, we had a carry in lunch.  In the evening service, I told a story with Randy and presented our ministry to the church.

woods.JPGWe enjoyed our fellowship with Pastor Woods and Diane his wife.   On Friday, we went to three basketball games: Junior Varsity, Varsity Girls, and Varsity Boys.   On Saturday, we celebrated their son Johnnie’s birthday.  Emily, their daughter is 13.  They are very involved in the school — Diane works in a school office and Johnnie plays basketball.  Please pray for this Pastor and his family as they seek to reach the Native Americans in the Winslow area for the Savior. 

Faith Baptist Church

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010


On January 31, we held meetings at Faith Baptist Church in Glendale, Arizona with Pastor Richard Briningstool.  This church has a very active Spanish church that meets  with them in their building.  On Sunday morning at 9:15, I preached for the Spanish church with Enoch interpreting for me.   Then at 10:30, I preached for the English service with a challenge from I Peter  5.  At 12:00, we all enjoyed a carry in dinner.  Then at 2:00, I preached in a combined service with Enoch interpreting the message.  I was able to tell a story with Rodney so that everyone could see one of my ventriloquist friends.  After the story Enoch got up and explained the story to those who only speak Spanish.

It was a privilege to take part in the services at Faith Baptist Church.  This church is a blessing  as they seek to reach the Spanish speaking families in this area.  Please pray for Pastor and this thriving church as they minister to this needy area.