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Camp Manitoumi

Monday, June 21st, 2010


This last week June 14 through the 18 we held meetings at Camp Manitoumi in Lowpoint, Illinois.  The 80 plus children enjoyed their large pool and horseback riding.  Each evening they had a hay rack ride and snacks from the kitchen and open canteen.  I was able to use Rosie this year for the first time in my camp ministry.  We saw three trust Christ as their Savior and others that made life changing decisions.  One of the children shared with me that he was going home and destroying his Pokemon Cards and dream catchers.  We enjoyed seeing friends who helped in camp and others who dropped off children for the week. 

manitoumi.JPGAs we were leaving the camp, we got bogged down in the wet grass land between the road and RV gravel park.  It took several of the camp staff and two tractors to get us up on the road.  After getting out we made our way to the state of Iowa for our next meeting.  Jane is in lots of pain with her broken foot making it very hard for her to travel.  Please pray for healing power.

Calvary Baptist Church

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010


From June 6 through June 11 we held our first Daily Vacation Bible school this summer in Chatsworth, Illinois.  We were happy to see visitors each day and the children worked hard on their memory verses and worksheets.  Our theme this year is “Seeking God’s Treasures”  with five stories from my four friends and object lessons to present the many treasures that we find in the Word of God. 

Please pray for Pastor Paton as they are looking to leave Chatsworth the end of this month and start a new ministry from Missionary Acres in Missouri.  It was a joy to serve the Lord again with them this summer in Illinois.  I know that God has something for them to do as they rest for a season then look forward to their new ministry in the Appolos ministry with Baptist Church Planters.  Please also be in prayer for Calvary Baptist Church in Chatsworth as they look for a new pastor.