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Bible Baptist Church

Thursday, July 29th, 2010


From July 19 through July 22, we traveled 1,700 miles from Kansas City, Kansas to Moreno Valley, California.  We parked our trailer at Victory Ranch Baptist Camp where we are ministering for the next three weeks.  Our trip was very hot and long, but we arrived on Thursday at around 10:00 in the evening.  During our trip, on the west side of Los Vegas, we had a tire blow out on our trailer that damaged our fender on the passenger side of the vehicle.   Please pray that our insurance will cover the damage on our trailer and that the tire company will cover the defective tire and the deductible that we must pay to fix the trailer.

After arriving at Victory Ranch, we packed the truck to travel to Santa Monica, California for a one day Vacation Bible School.   Bible Baptist Church in Santa Monica invited us to come and be the speaker at this one day event.  We stayed with Pastor Boone and his family Friday and Saturday night.  I spoke twice on Saturday for the Bible School presenting our theme “Quest For God’s Treasures.”  We had several visitors from the community come and enjoy the stories with Rawley and Randy and the two large jumpers and slides that the church rented.  Please pray that the visiting families will come to understand who Jesus is.  On Sunday I spoke for a whole family Sunday School and preached for the morning service.  Sunday afternoon we traveled back through Los Angles to Victory Ranch to begin their “Junior I” week of camp. 

Olivet Baptist Church

Monday, July 19th, 2010


From July 11 through July 16, we held a Daily Vacation Bible School at Olivet Baptist Church in Westwood, Kansas.  The children were very faithful at bringing their friends each day and inviting their parents on Friday night.  One boy trusted Christ as his Savior on Tuesday night.  The platform of the church was decorated with a mining-treasure scene.  They used ladders and other materials covered in brown fabric to form a large mountain and mine with mine cars and jewels spread on the ground.    

olivet02.JPGMy allergies developed into a sore throat, my voice dropped to bass, so all my friends sounded like Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.  I am praying that my throat will clear up as we travel out to California.

On Sunday, July 18, I preached in the morning at Faith Baptist Church in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  Sunday night,  I was able to rest my throat and think about next Saturday and Sunday in Santa Monica, California at the Bible Baptist Church.  We will be leading a weekend VBS.  Please pray for us this week as we make the big trip from Kansas City, Kansas to southern California.

Bethel Baptist Church

Saturday, July 10th, 2010


From July 4 to July 9, Caleb and I ministered at a Daily Vacation Bible School in Britt, Iowa which is known as the Hobo capital of the world.  We had several children raise their hand for salvation, but only one came back to pray for assurance.  Please pray for the lost who heard the gospel but did not respond to the invitations.  We hope to hear of some of those children respond in the near future.    It was a joy to work again with this growing church in the northern part of Iowa. 

britt02.JPGWe had a youth group come down from Minnesota to help with Vacation Bible School and to do some landscaping in the back of the church.   Please pray for this church and the Baums as they strive to reach this area with the Gospel .

Raccoon River Bible camp

Saturday, July 10th, 2010


We are in the beginning of a very busy summer ministry.  From June 20 through July 2, I was the evangelist speaker for the Junior 1 and Junior 2 weeks at the Raccoon River Bible camp.  Praise the Lord, we saw 3 Salvations, 6 decisions for assurance, 3 dedications and 10 other decisions.  Director Jan Kolar and I met at Faith Baptist Bible College while I was attending seminary.  So, it was a blessing to serve together.  Pray for him and his wife Judy as they continue their ministry at the camp.  They have several children who currently attend bible college. 

raccoon02.JPGThe camp is located on the Raccoon River just a few miles east of Carroll, Iowa.  Although we had rain, the flooding did not reach the cabins, but the mosquitoes were thriving.  Back in 1988 I was able to speak at this camp for the Iowa Scholarship camp for Awana.  As a result I have spoken for the Bible camp several times throughout the last 20 years.  And we will be back to this camp in 2014 as the Lord permits.