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Heritage Baptist Church

Saturday, August 28th, 2010


August 22-27, 2010

We held our last Daily Vacation Bible School at the Heritage Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon.   Our theme this year was “Quest For God’s Treasures.”  It opened doors to explain the treasures of heaven, the Bible, and answered prayer.  This week we saw two boys and one girl trust Christ as their Savior.  Please pray that these children will keep coming to church and bring their parents with them.

heritagesign.JPGWe were also able to minister to several of the youth that attend the church.  Some shared that they know Christ as their Savior, but living for the Lord is difficult at home and in school.  Please pray for these teens as they strive to live for the Lord.  Next week we are going to have our trailer worked on and get some rest for a few days.

First Baptist Church

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010


During the week of August 15 – 20, 2010, we served in Daily Vacation Bible School in Pinole, California.  First Baptist Church is located in the east bay of San Francisco Bay.  We have developed many good friends and it was good to see them and Pastor and Mrs. Baker.  During the week we saw two trust Christ as their Savior and two other boys responded daily for assurance.   Please pray that these two boys will soon understand that they need to trust Christ as their Savior one time.  Salvation is for eternity Christ died only once and we only need to trust in His salvation only once. 

As we were parked at the church, Bobby Swayze helped me solve a problem with our truck.  The truck was leaking antifreeze from the elbow on the overflow tank sitting on the top of the motor.  Bobby knew just what needed to be done and he fixed it with some sand paper and a mixture of some epoxy plastic and some hardener.   The process is called “cold welding.”  Praise the Lord our leak is fixed and we have a clean air filter so the truck can breathe again.

Victory Ranch

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010


We ended our ministry at Victory Ranch with another week of juniors, grades 3-6.  Although lower in numbers, we saw four campers trust Christ as their Savior during Junior II.  Eight campers also stood in the invitation declaring their intention to live for the Lord at school and back at home.   This was a big difficult decision for some of these young people: many came from broken homes.  For some, although their parents claim to be believers, they encourage their children to blend in at school by dressing and acting the same as their unsaved peers. 

In the morning Bible lesson we looked at the Sons Of Proverbs, a Bible study which compares and contrasts the attitudes of the wise sons and the foolish sons found in Proverbs.  Please pray that the campers will seek the characteristics of a wise son and not of the fool. 

As we left the rolling hills outside of Moreno Valley, our prayer is that the Lord will bless the camp as they get ready for the fall and winter months.

Victory Ranch

Saturday, August 7th, 2010


August 1 – 6 was a combined Junior High and Senior High week at Victory Ranch.  In the morning, I taught the Junior High campers the Bible lesson on “My Shepherd’s Staff” and Jane spoke on personal evangelism in the afternoon.  Pastor Jason Blunk of Ankeny Baptist Church and Faith Baptist Bible College spoke to the Senior High campers for the Bible Lesson and the Discovery Hour.  He also spoke for the combined evening service.   From the preaching of God’s Word, we saw four come to trust in Christ as their Savior.  One raised their hand saying that they would like to be baptized when they get back to their home church.   Ten campers raised their hand asking for prayer that God would help them live for the Lord when they get back home and before their friends at school.

Our young people today are facing lots of pressure from their friends and family to live like the world and fitting in to the world around them.  In Romans chapter 12 God pleads with us not to be molded by this world but changed from the inside out.  We should stand out and show the world that we are different and that we have hope in Jesus Christ that will last for eternity.  Please pray for these teens and the decisions that they made this week.   

Victory Ranch

Saturday, August 7th, 2010


July 25 -30, I preached and taught the Bible lessons for the Junior I week  at the Victory Ranch Baptist Camp in Moreno Valley, California.  The young people responded well to the preaching of the Word of God.  We saw three trust Christ as Savior and over 25 come forward in the service to indicate their interest in getting baptized when they returned to their local church. 

The camp offers many activities for the campers: swimming, horseback riding, crafts and many organized games directed by Francine.  The camp is located on the North side of Moreno Valley with lots of rolling mountains and trees that shade the camp in the evening.   The ranch has goats, donkeys, cows horses and wild life when the ranch is quiet.  So far we have seen one fox and three rabbits close to our trailer.   Please pray for these campers as they go back to their homes and the world pressures around them.