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Faith Baptist Church, Bemidji, Mn.

Friday, October 29th, 2010


We left our trailer in Forest City, Iowa and borrowed the church van from Calvary Baptist Church.   We traveled north to Faith Baptist Church in Bemidji, Minnesota.  A family in the church allowed us to stay in a cabin at their resort Oak Point Resort on Leech Lake.  The view from the Trapper cabin was spectacular and very restful after working hard on our trailer getting it ready for the new axle.  The meetings in Bemidji were well attended: we saw faithful members and visitors for each service. 

bemidji01.JPGEach night we saw tender hearts respond to the invitation concerning reaching the lost in their community, walking closer to the Lord,  standing up for what is right and living for the Lord in their daily lives.  On Wednesday night they brought in the Awana children to our last service of the week.  Some of these children were not use to sitting in church, but still they did very well.  Please pray that they will respond to the gospel before it is too late.

Oakland Baptist Church

Monday, October 18th, 2010

As we wait for all of our parts to come in for our trailer,  I was also able to drive up to Oakland, Minnesota to preach on October 17 at the Oakland Baptist Church.  This change of schedule allowed us to minister at this small church between Albert Lea and Austin on I – 90 in southern Minnesota.  I was able to speak for their Sunday School, Morning and Evening service.  At the end of Sunday School, one of the adults stood up sharing with me that he wanted to talk to the pastor.  The church has been praying for him for several months and his wife had prayed for his salvation for 7 years.  Pastor had the opportunity to lead him in the sinner’s prayer as he trusted the Lord as his Savior.

During the morning service six responded for prayer as they seek to share the gospel with friends that they know are not saved.  This church has been able to reach lots of children through a bus ministry that brings children from surrounding communities.  This month they are conducting an outreach event called “The Shadow of Death” that adults and teens can walk through in a field across from the church.  It portrays a true story of an accident and tries to demonstrate the eternal consequences of choices that people make.    

Calvary Baptist Church

Monday, October 18th, 2010

On our trip from Des Moines, Iowa to Duluth, Minnesota, we had a Never Lube Bearing burst into flames.  We are so thankful that we were able to catch the problem before it started the trailer on fire.  The bearing got so hot it damaged our front axle on the trailer beyond repair.  Now we are waiting for three weeks for a new axle to be built and shipped to us.  During our wait I was able to speak at one of our supporting churches in Forest City, Iowa.  Pastor Doug Farrell allowed me to fill the pulpit on October 10, 2010.

Please pray for us as I speak for the Fun Fair in Forest City, Iowa on Wednesday, October 20th.  Also pray that all of our parts will come in.  To prevent further damage, I plan to replace all the brakes and bearings on the trailer.

Topeka, Kansas

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

On October 3rd we were able to minister in two different churches in Topeka, Kansas.  In the morning I preached for Pastor Dale Stockburger at the Heritage Baptist Church that meets in the Oakland Community Center on Poplar Drive.  It is always a joy to be a part of helping in a new church plant.  Please pray for Pastor Stockburger and his family as they seek to reach this community for Christ. 

In the evening I spoke at East Side Baptist Church on SE 29th Street.  They brought the Awana children in the auditorium with the adults and I told the story of Jonah with Rawley and three object lessons to present the gospel.  After the children left I presented our ministry and preached an evangelistic message to end the service.  Please pray that this church will show an interest in our ministry in the future. 

Bible Baptist Church

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

After our meetings in Ducor, California, we were off for Las Vegas, Nevada.  We started with a youth meeting Saturday morning with breakfast and a message with the help of my ventriloquist partner Randy.  We told the story of Samson and his strength that fizzled all because of sin.  That night Caleb and I were able to go to the truck race at the Nevada Speedway.  After the race we handed out gospel Chick tracts as we walked out the gate.  It was a joy to see people requesting tracks from us after seeing others getting one.

On Sunday I preached in the morning and evening and spoke for an all family Sunday School class.  Then on Monday I went with a group of men into the desert and shot an AK 47 submachine gun that one of the church members brought.  The church has several members who work for the Air Force base located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Before leaving for the Midwest, the men in the church and I installed new shocks on the trailer.   We also put some new caulking on the windows.  Please pray that this church will take us on for support in the near future.