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Bogle’s Chapel Baptist Church

Monday, January 24th, 2011


Sunday January 23 we ministered at the Bogle’s Chapel Baptist Church in Evensville, Tennessee.  This church is only 8 miles from Dayton, Tennessee so we stayed parked in Dayton and traveled back and forth for each one of the meetings.  The church has several families that are very talented in Southern style music.  They sang several songs in the evening service that we enjoyed before my evening message. 

For Sunday School Rawley helped me tell the story of Jonah and what he learned about God.  In the morning service Evangelist Marvin West and his family sang a mini-concert,  then I preached my message on Nicodemus.  Five people raised their hand asking for prayer that God would help them share with a friend the message of salvation.   In the evening I shared our ministry and preached a message on standing up for the truth.  It was good to see Pastor Aaron Revis and his young family again serving the Lord in this country church.

Calvary Baptist Church

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011


During the week of January 16 – 21, 2011, I preached at the Calvary Baptist Church in Dayton, Tennessee.  On Sunday I preached for Sunday School and morning service.  In the evening Pastor Curtis Sayre preached and I led the singing.  For the rest of the week, I preached each morning for their Christian School.  I used my four friends Rawley, Randy, Rodney and Rosie and presented our Daily Vacation Bible School theme “Quest For God’s Treasures.” 

During the week we saw three raise their hands asking for prayer that God would help them protect their reputations against lying and theft.  On Friday morning we had five raise their hand asking for prayer that God would help them to live for the Lord like Ruth did.  She was not only beautiful on the outside; but she was beautiful on the inside also.  We want the world to see Christ through our lives in our actions and decisions that we make on a daily basis.    Please pray for Pastor Sayre and his wife as they continue to serve the Lord in the city of Dayton which is 45 miles north of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Charity Baptist Church

Friday, January 14th, 2011


We started this new year in Tennessee.  We left the winding roads of Kentucky on January 6th to start our meetings at Charity Baptist Church in the hills of Blountville, Tennessee.  We had a youth meeting on Saturday night January 8 two other churches joined Charity for the meeting.  Rodney helped me challenged the teens with the need to live for the Lord in a world of adversity.  Sunday morning they combined the children’s Sunday School classes and Rawley told the story of Samson and how sin will cause our strength to fizzle.    For the morning service I challenged the saints to share their faith with those who live around us with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In the evening I introduced Randy and preached a message on taking a stand for the truth.  Wednesday night I presented our ministry to this growing church and introduced them to Rawley.  After they asked us questions about our ministry they asked if they could see Rosie.  Even though we were out of time, I just had to get Rosie out for a quick introduction to this fun loving little girl. 

This meeting was a great way to start a new year.  Several came who were unsaved that we need to pray for that they will soon trust Christ as their Savior.  Twelve of the Saints raised their hand saying that they were burdened to share the gospel with a friend that they would like to see trust in Christ for salvation.  Twenty others came forward to pray at the altar for strength to stand up in this falling world.  Please pray for pastor Charles Brooks and his family as they continue to serve the Lord in Blountville.

Bethel Baptist Church

Thursday, January 13th, 2011


For the month of December, we were able to minister with our Christmas program in Indiana.  We parked our trailer in Pierceton, Indiana at Bethel Baptist Church where Jane’s brother Jim Baughman is the pastor.   We were able to spend three weeks with cousins and in-laws.  We held our Christmas program at the First Baptist Church in Plymouth, Indiana, Bethel Baptist Church in Pierceton, Indiana, First Baptist Church in Knox, Indiana and Cosperville Baptist Church in Wawaka, Indiana. 

We closed off the month at Bledsoe Baptist Church in Bledsoe, Kentucky deep in the hollers of the Appalachians Mountains with Jane’s Mom and Dad John and Jean Baughman.  They are missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions.  Pray for them as they continue to reach these mountain people for Christ.