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Bible Baptist Church

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011


Sunday February 13, 2011 we held meetings at the Bible Baptist Church in Summerfield, Louisiana.  On Saturday I went door to door with pastor and his son inviting people to visit the church on Sunday.  God blessed our efforts and we had 15 first time visitors Sunday morning and 5 visitors Sunday Night.    After the morning service five people raised their hand asking for prayer as they share the gospel with an unsaved friend in the next two weeks.  Sunday night five raised their hand asking the Lord for strength as they strive to live for the Lord in their daily lives.  Please pray for pastor and his family as they strive to reach this area for the Lord.

Pastor Tucker is going to have surgery on Tuesday this week for a hernia that was repaired last year and his wife has a leukemia treatment on Thursday.  Please pray for their health needs as they seek God’s provision for their needs.

Leesville & Oakdale, Louisiana

Friday, February 11th, 2011


On February 6, 2011 I preached at two different churches in the middle of Louisiana.  In the morning I preached at Ft. Hope Baptist Church in Leesville, Louisiana.  Pastor Keary Jordan had me start the service with a story from Rawley with a challenge from the word of God using object lessons.  Then for the youth, I told the story of David and Goliath.  After the morning service they had a time of fellowship for the pastor’s two year anniversary as their pastor. 

In the evening I preached for Pastor Robert Jordan, father of Pastor Keary, at West Baptist Church in Oakdale, Louisiana.  Rodney opened the evening with the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den.  I presented our ministry and preached an evangelistic message on Nicodemus from the book of John.  I closed with the challenge to the lost to trust Christ as their Savior and a challenge to the saints to be willing to tell a friend the gospel in the next two weeks.  Five raised their hand to ask for prayer that God would give them the opportunity to share the gospel to their lost friend.  Please pray for these two pastors as they seek to reach this area for the Lord.

Gospel Light Baptist Church

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011


On January 30, 2011  I preached at Gospel Light Baptist Church in Pineville, Louisiana.  I spoke for Sunday School, morning and evening service.  The church responded well to our ministry and six raised their hands asking for prayer as they seek an opportunity to witness to a friend.  Please pray for this growing church and pastor as they seek to reach the lost. 

This week the church is repairing the sanctuary.  The ceiling in the sanctuary suffered damaged when lightening hit the bell tower.  The men are covering the cracks and then repainting it.  Because they are repairing and repainting the ceiling, they removed the pews.  Because they removed the pews, they are also replacing the flooring and repairing the pews.  Like many repairs I think this one is getting bigger each day.  But the people are working hard together. 

Much of our ministry is built by word of mouth.  We met Pastor Joe Sharp through Pastor Dale Stockburger, a church planter in Topeka, Kansas.   We met Pastor Dale through David Cox a COME board member who lives in Topeka.