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Camp Swampy

Friday, July 15th, 2011


From July 10 –  15, 2011 we ministered with the First Baptist Church in Hibbing, Minnesota at Camp Swampy.  This church-run camp draws campers from Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota.  It sits on the bank of a beautiful private lake in the woods just south of Hibbing.  They have canoes, paddleboats, kayaks and a motorboat used to pull an inner tube.  After preaching at the church on Sunday, we headed out to the camp for a week of Junior camp.  I preached each day for the evangelist hour at 9:30 a.m. and spoke by the campfire on topics that covered the theme for the week. 

officermontie.jpgDuring the week I was also able to go out fishing each day to catch some bass to put some meat in our freezer.  The campers enjoyed watching me filet the meat and prepare the fish for frying.   We saw five campers trust Christ as their Savior and one came for assurance.  There were seven young Christians that responded to the invitation to live for the Lord and put Christ first in their lives.  Please pray for these young people as they head back to their homes and the pressure that they will face in the world around them.

Lakeland Baptist Church

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011


For the first week of July, we held Vacation Bible School at Lakeland Baptist Church near Gilbert, Minnesota.  Because the 4th landed on Monday, we had our first story during the Sunday School hour for the children and VBS workers.  We did not hold VBS on Monday, so we restarted on Tuesday with the rest of our theme “Seeking God’s Treasures.”  The children brought visitors and one of them trusted Christ as her Savior on Tuesday morning. 

The students did well with their verses and everyone was able to leave with a prize for their hard work.  Each child was able to finger paint his own T-shirt using a customize stencil with each child’s name and a heart with the word “God” in the middle.  When we find the treasure that only God can give we can only say, “I Love God.”  It was a joy to see all of our friends in northern Minnesota and serve the Lord together as they seek to reach the lost with the message of Calvary.  

Altoona Regular Baptist Church

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011


This last week it was a joy to serve at Altoona Regular Baptist Church our sending church with their Daily Vacation Bible School.  They used the theme “Rev-It-Up Full Throttle for God.”  Each day I used one of my ventriloquist friends to tell the Bible story for the day and presented the gospel with object lessons.  Throughout the week we saw six young people respond to the gospel and seven others raised their hands asking for prayer to live for the Lord at home and at school.

altoonaia02.JPGOn Friday night we gave out the rewards for the week and introduced one of my friends to the parents.  Then we went outside for a fun fair.  On the grill were hamburgers and brats for all to enjoy.  The children played games at various stations including throwing a ball at a dunk tank, face painting, and looking at two race cars from the Iowa Speedway.  Please continue to pray for our sending church as they seek to reach the lost for Jesus Christ in Iowa.