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First Baptist Church

Monday, August 22nd, 2011


On Sunday, August 21, I had the privilege to preach at the First Baptist Church in Baker, Montana.  I first preached at this church in May of 1987 when I was asked to be their interim pastor while they looked for a new pastor.  Their Sunday morning service is broadcast live on the radio in the states of Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota and no one in the church felt that they wanted that responsibility.  So they asked me a young man just out of Bible college to take up the challenge.   It was good to see these friends again and talk about the past and how God has used us in the ministry of evangelism. 

Because I preached for the morning and afternoon service, Pastor Levi Durfey and his family were able to leave Sunday evening to visit his wife’s family in North Dakota.  For Sunday School, Rawley and Randy helped me tell the story of Israel’s Disobedience and the Golden Calf.  In the morning service that was live on the Radio, I preached on John 3 and the question that Nicodemeus wanted to ask Jesus.  Five of the church members raised their hand asking for prayer that they might witness to a friend that they know is not saved.  Please pray for these dear Saints as they seek to reach Baker, Montana with the gospel.

Evergreen Bible Church

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011


From August 7 – 12, 2011, we held a Vacation Bible School at Evergreen Bible Church in Evergreen, Colorado.  On Sunday I preached in the morning and introduced Rodney during the Sunday school.  Ten adults raised their hand saying that they were challenged to share the gospel with a friend.  During VBS we had one boy trust Christ as his Savior.  During the week the new believer invited a friend who raised his hand saying that he was not saved.  Please pray that he will soon trust Christ as his Savior.

During the week we made ice cream in a bag and dug in the back of the church for a treasure box.  Last year during VBS, the church buried time capsules in a waterproof metal box.  Our theme this year — Seeking God’s Treasure — fit perfectly  and on Friday, the kids dug up the box and opened the time capsules filled with small toys.  Please pray for this church as they seek to reach their friends and community for the Savior.

Treasure Mountain Bible Camp

Thursday, August 11th, 2011


On August 1 – 5, 2011, I had the opportunity to speak at the Treasure Mountain Bible Camp in Marble, Colorado.  This camp is located just below the marble mine that supplied the large marble used in The Tomb of the  Unknown Soldier and the marble used in our nation’s capital.  This week was Combo Camp for 4th – 12th graders.  Each morning at ten, I was able to give a Bible study and pray with the counselors as the staff had a challenge for the campers.  Then at eleven each morning, I preached to the campers with ventriloquism and object lessons with a surprise ending.  I finished each day with a message and another story with one of my friends.

Several campers made life changing decisions concerning living for the Lord and being faithful in church.  One gave a testimony saying that he learned that you do not have to be popular to have good friends.  On Friday as the campers were leaving for home I was able to fish in the camp’s pond that they stock with brown trout.  With the help of some campers, I was able to put six nice size fish in our freezer.

Black Hills Baptist Camp Sr. Week

Thursday, August 11th, 2011


Senior week at the Black Hills Baptist Camp was held on July 25 – 29, 2011.  I presented my Bible study from the book of Romans in the morning and in the evening, I introduced each one of my ventriloquist friends right after supper.  After the counselors came down from their meeting, I preached.  Later, our missionary Daniel Grings shared some exciting stories from the mission field out at the campfire. 

We saw two trust Christ as their personal Savior and four others respond to various decisions of living for the Lord and full time Christian service.  Over sixty of the teens wrote a name of a friend that they knew was not saved on a card as a testimony that they would share the gospel with them in the next two weeks.  Please pray for these teens as they head back home and face the world and share the gospel with their friends.  It was good to see all my friends again and remember the joy of the Black Hills Baptist Camp.

Black Hills Baptist Camp Jr. Week

Thursday, August 11th, 2011


On July 18 – 22, 2011, I spoke for the Junior week of camp at the Black Hills Baptist Camp in Mallo Canyon not far from the post office for Four Corners, Wyoming.  I attended this camp while I was growing up in Rapid City, South Dakota.  I presented my Bible study in the morning on the Sons of Proverbs and preached each evening through ventriloquism and object lessons with a surprise ending.  The missionary for the week was Daniel Grings and his daughter Sarah.

Eight trusted Christ as their Savior and six responded to the invitation to live for the Lord at school and at home.  One gave his testimony at the camp fire saying that he believed that the Lord would have him go to the Congo as a missionary.  Many of the counselors were pastors or pastor’s wives.  Please pray for these pastors as they continue to serve the Lord in the Northern Plains.