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Germantown Hills Baptist Church

Monday, October 24th, 2011


October 16 and 19, 2011, I preached at the Germantown Hills Baptist Church in Germantown Hills, Illinois.  I shared the story of David and Goliath to the children in their Sunday School opening and preached in the morning service.  At the end of the service one of the young people raised her hand to talk to someone about trusting Christ as her Savior.  A few days later I found out that she had understood her need of a Savior and trusted in Christ for salvation. 

Sunday night I presented our need for support.  We need to raise another $500.00 a month to meet our monthly bills.  Please pray that they will consider adding us to their supported missionaries.  On Wednesday night I told the story of Jonah and the great fish.  Rawley helped me share with the children the three things that Jonah learned about God.  After the service five children responded to the invitation, but only one truly understood and prayed for Christ to forgive him of his sins and be his Savior.  Please pray for those who still do not understand the gospel. 

Calvary Baptist Church

Saturday, October 15th, 2011


On October 9, 2011 I preached at the Calvary Baptist Church in Quincy, Illinois.  While I studied at Faith Baptist Bible College, I attended Altoona Regular Baptist Church and Pastor Mickey Farlow was the Assistant Pastor. It was good to see Pastor Farlow and his wife after all these years.  I spoke for an all church Sunday School class to start off the day.  In the morning service, I preached from John 3 emphasizing the gospel for the lost and encouraging the saints to use this message as a challenge to share the gospel with a friend in the next two weeks.  Seven raised their hands asking me to pray for them as they look for a time that they can share with a lost friend the gospel.

On Wednesday October 12, 2011, I was able to speak to their Awana club for a family emphasis service.  Many of the parents came to meet the pastor and Awana leaders and hear a special story from one of my ventriloquist friends.  Please pray for those who heard the gospel, but have not trusted Christ as their Savior.  Also pray that this church might take us on for support in the near future.   

In a strange accident, while grocery shopping, a frozen turkey fell out of a freezer and landed on Jane’s big toe and it broke her toe.  She is doing fine, but keeping her foot elevated and wearing a walking cast. 

First Baptist Church

Saturday, October 8th, 2011


For October 2 – 5, 2011 we held a Fall Family Kids’ Kaampaign at the First Baptist Church in Perry, Iowa.  It was a unique week for the whole family with an emphasis on the youth.  For Sunday morning I preached an evangelistic message to start the meetings.  The rest of the meetings were introduced with a story from one of my ventriloquist friends and illustrated with object lessons with a surprise ending.    The meetings were well attended and one girl asked many questions about eternal life.  Pray for this little girl that she will soon understand the gospel and trust Christ as her Savior.

perryiasign.JPGOn Wednesday night the Awana club from the church came for our last meeting.  The parents were invited and we had the largest group of the week.  Please pray for these families and their children that they will start coming to church faithfully and trust Christ as their Savior in the near future.  On Monday Pastor Tjapkes and I were able to go fishing and add some more fish to our small freezer. 

Community Regular Baptist Church

Saturday, October 1st, 2011


I read the e-mail that said that Pastor Brad Hansen was working hard through the summer to put their new church up in Bussey, Iowa.  He said that they could use some help if anyone was willing to take some time and stop by.  Our schedule allowed us to be in the area so I contacted Pastor Hansen and said that we would be willing to stop in if they could use us.  It worked out for us and for the church family for us to stop in for Sunday September 25, 2011.  I preached for Brad for both of the services on Sunday which gave him some extra time to get some things done on the church. 

busseyia.JPGThe rest of the week I helped with the new building project.   On Tuesday Scotty Hansen and I drove to Altoona, Iowa to pick up the carpet, so we could install the carpet on Wednesday and Thursday.   I was also able to help put some of the baseboard in the auditorium and one of the class rooms.  On Sunday, October 2, 2011 they will be holding their first service in the new building.  Their dedication service will be on Sunday, October 9, 2011.  Please pray for this growing church as they try to raise funds for their new  kitchen and gravel for their new driveway and parking lot.