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Ladysmith Baptist Church

Saturday, July 28th, 2012


This week we held a Vacation Bible School in Ladysmith, Wisconsin with Pastor David Smith at Ladysmith Baptist Church.  I preached in the morning and evening.  In the afternoon, I rode on the church float with my ventriloquist partner Rosie.  The float promoted the church and our Vacation Bible School that was starting the next day.  We used our theme “Western Round-Up” for the week and saw a high of 26 young people register.  Some of the children heard the gospel for the first time.  Please pray that the church will see some fruit in the future as the pastor calls on these families. 

Daily Vacation Bible School was held each day from 1:00 to 3:30.  Each day the Bible story was told with the help of my ventriloquist partners and object lessons.  Jane taught the memory verses and the memory verse songs.  The teachers from the church lead the children through recreation, snacks, and workbook time.  Throughout the week, we enjoyed our fellowship with Pastor Smith and Elaine his wife.

Minnesota Regular Baptist Camp

Thursday, July 26th, 2012


On July 15 – 20, I spoke at the Junior High week at Minnesota Regular Baptist Camp on the shore of Bass Lake in southern Minnesota.  In the morning, we studied from Romans and in the evening, I presented the gospel through ventriloquism and object lessons. During the week we had the opportunity to see 4 trust Christ as their Savior and 11 others make decisions to live for the Lord.  Praise the Lord. 

basslake02.JPGIn the afternoon I enjoyed a speed boat ride around the lake as the teens were taking turns on tube rides at the end of a long ropes.  Other campers enjoyed swimming and the water slide, GaGa Ball, the climbing wall, and the mud slide and mud pit.  Please pray for these campers as they go back to their homes.  Many are going back to broken homes that need the Savior.

Minnesota Regular Baptist Camp

Sunday, July 15th, 2012


This last week July 8 – 13, 2012, I spoke at Minnesota Regular Baptist Camp on Bass Lake in southern Minnesota. There was swimming in the lake and lots of fun games in the fields surrounding the cabins, dining hall and chapel.  With God’s help, I was able to preach twice a day.  In the morning I taught a study of Proverbs and in the evening I used one of my ventriloquist partners and object lessons with a surprise ending.  10 campers made decisions to live for the Lord and 5 trusted Christ as their Savior. 

basslake01.JPGThe theme for the week was “Who Is Da Boss”.  Our goal was to encourage the young people to decide if they were going to trust Christ as the Boss of their life or were they going to remain the property of Satan.  Please pray for those who heard the message of Salvation, but have not responded.

Many campers enjoyed playing with our Pomeranian puppy Pepper.  Caleb is busy helping Jane’s parents in Indiana.

Community Regular Baptist Church

Sunday, July 15th, 2012


For July 1 – 6 we held a Daily Vacation Bible School for Pastor Brad Hansen and his Church family at the Community Regular Baptist Church in Bussey, Iowa.   For Sunday morning I Preached out of Mark chapter 5 and Sunday Night the church came together for a VBS meeting to organize the week with a Western Round-Up Theme.  I told the Bible story each morning with my four friends and Pastor Hansen told the missionary story complete with pictures and a covered wagon on the stage for lessons from a ranch hand fixing grub on the trail.  They even had a mouse in the wagon eating the left over’s.   At the end of the day we lead the children in our memory verses that were put to music a few years ago by one of our good friends out of Wyoming. 

On Wednesday we were able to ride on the church float to advertise Daily Vacation Bible School to all of the visitors that came for the fourth of July town gathering.  Rosie rode with me letting everyone know about DVBS and the importance of the A, B, C’s when it comes to eternal life.  “A” Admit that you are a sinner.  “B” Believe that Jesus is who he said that he was.  And “C” Call upon the name of the Lord.  During the week we saw one boy respond to the invitation for Salvation.  Please pray that he will soon understand the message of Salvation and the importance of responding soon by faith in Jesus Christ.

Faith Baptist Church

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012


For the week of June 24-29, 2012 we held a Daily Vacation Bible School for Pastor Mike and Carolee Mayhak in DeForest, Wisconsin.  On Sunday, I preached in the morning service at the church building and held the evening service in a local nursing home.  Our Vacation Bible School started  in the evening at 7:00.  For the Wednesday service, we went to a Baptist church in Waunakee that pastor has helped with the teens.  Four to eight children attended the VBS throughout the week.  We rejoice in the one boy who trusted Christ as his Savior on Friday night.

During the week pastor allowed us to use his small car.  It came in handy as we traveled looking for parts to repair our truck’s air conditioner and to go and spend time at noon with pastor and his family.  Please pray for Pastor Mike and the congregation of Faith Baptist Church as they seek to establish this church in DeForest a suburb of Madison.