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First Baptist Church

Saturday, August 18th, 2012


From August 12 – 17, 2012, we held a Family Bible Time in Hulett, Wyoming at First Baptist Church in the center of town.  I preached Sunday morning introducing Rosie as a special during the first half hour sing time.  Then I preached a message out of John 3.   On Sunday evening, Pastor taught a Bible study in a member’s home, just a few blocks from the church.  Because of the church’s busy schedule, the Bible Time started on Wednesday night.  I told two stories on Wednesday night, one story Thursday night, and two stories on Friday morning.  We praise the Lord for the young people who responded to the gospel invitation.  Praise God one girl came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Please pray for Pastor Jim Palus as he and his family seek to reach this mountain community for the Savior in the Black Hills of Wyoming.

In the week before our Bible Time, First Baptist was able to give out water bottles to the bikers traveling to and from the Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.  The church also set up a target 100 yards away for water balloons to encourage the riders to stop.  As a result, over 2,000 tracts were distributed.  Please pray these tracts will be read, pondered, and will bring about a hunger to know God and that some of these bikers or their families will be saved. 

hulett02.JPGThe town of Hulett, Wyoming is just 12 miles from the Devil’s Tower National Monument in northeast Wyoming.  We were able to go on Tuesday and enjoy the beautiful forest trail that circles the monument.  Caleb was able to quote a poem to a couple about how the marvels of nature reveal the majesty of the Creator.  Please pray that this couple will reflect on that poem and will come to know our Creator personally.  But, while we were there, great sorrow also gripped our hearts.  On tree branches surrounding the Tower, Native Americas have tied prayer ribbons and worship offerings to the spirits.  Many have returned to the wickedness of spiritism and the Tower is considered one of their spiritual centers.

Calvary Baptist Church

Monday, August 13th, 2012


August 5 through August 10, 2012, we held a Daily Vacation Bible School at Calvary Baptist Church in Douglas, Wyoming.  Around 25 children attended during the evening.  Each evening the VBS had games, memory time, snacks and Bible time with my three friends.  Rosie came out on Sunday night to encourage the children to come to VBS and tell a story about Ruth.  For VBS Rawley, Randy, and Rodney told the theme story each day.   Please pray for those who heard the gospel but did not respond during the invitation.

douglas02.JPGOn Friday Caleb and I rode with Pastor Donegan on his bus route to pick up workers from the open strip mine north of Douglas.  We learned that those wheels on the dump trucks are 12 feet high and can hold 450,000 tons of coal in one load.  During the trip we saw over 30 trains going back and forth from the mine and an open coal vein that was about 80 feet wide.  The mine will keep lots of lights running all across America and lots of homes warm in the winter.   Please pray for Pastor Donegan as he ministers to these miners on his bus route.  Some have come to church as a result of the bus route.

Camp Manitoumi

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012


For the last part of July through August 3rd, I spoke for the Junior II week at Camp Manitoumi in Lowpoint, Illinois.  With swimming and horseback riding, the campers filled their days with swimming, horseback riding and other activities.  On Friday, the campers made their weekly trip up a very steep hill called Victory Mountain.  This week I decided to go with them and can now say that I survived Victory Mountain.   I first climbed Victory Mountain back in 1988 when I spoke at Camp Manitoumi for the Awana Scholarship camp.  Back then the mountain was not as steep as it is today.  The campers over the years have eroded the path and the climb much steeper now, than years ago. 

camp02.JPGDuring the morning session, the campers were very attentive for the study of Romans and my ventriloquism and message in the evening.  12 campers trusted Christ as their personal Savior and 9 shared their desire to get baptized when they return to their home church.  It was a real joy to see God working in the lives of these young people.  Please pray for those who heard the Gospel, but did not respond at this time.