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Elliot Road Baptist Church

Friday, March 22nd, 2013


This past Sunday, March 17, 2013, we presented our ministry at Elliot Road Baptist Church in Gilbert, Arizona.  For Sunday School the whole church came together for a story of David and Goliath.  Sunday morning, I preached out of John 4, as we looked at Jesus’ Divine Appointment with the women at the well.  Then on Sunday night, Rawley and Randy helped me tell the story of Obedience when the Children of Israel disobeyed God and made a golden calf.  Jane sang a special and I finished the evening with a message out of Acts 16 on The Macedonian Call.

On Saturday night, Pastor Mooney spent the evening with a dear Saint during her last moments on earth.  She was a charter member who was very close to Pastor Mooney and his wife.  Please pray for the church family and Pastor as they grieve for their loss.  Our hearts go out to them as they prepare for the funeral and graveside service.

Southeast Valley Baptist Church

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013


The last two Sundays we were able to attend and present our ministry at Southeast Valley Baptist Church in Gilbert, Arizona.  On March 3, 2013 I spoke for the children’s Sunday school classes with the help of Randy as we told the story of Samson and his loss of strength, because of sin.   Before the morning service, I also presented an update on our ministry in evangelism and told a Bible story on obedience with the help of Rawley and Randy.  Then on March 10, 2013, I spoke in children’s church with Rawley as we told the story of Jonah and what he learned about God in the Mediterranean Institute.

During the weeks, while we were here, I attended a pastor’s conference, Bible studies with the Seniors and one of the Life Groups that meet in homes close to the church.  Jane has enjoyed learning and fellow shipping with the ladies in their Monday evening Bible study.  Caleb has enjoyed worshiping and studying God’s word with the teens on Sunday morning and evening.  During our weeks Tim Toy and I were able to work on my laptop.  Because a winter storm damaged the awning on our trailer, we are waiting for the parts to replace the hardware so that we can move our trailer to Prescott Valley.  We will be ministering here in the valley at Eliot Road Baptist Church next Sunday, so we will continue to remain parked here.

Calvary Baptist Church

Friday, March 1st, 2013


From February 17 – 24,  we had the opportunity to speak at Calvary Baptist Church in Mesa, Arizona for their missionary conference.  Jane and I spoke for both Sundays for the youth Sunday School classes and children’s church in the morning and to the children again for two of the evening services during the conference.  I also presented our ministry to the church and introduced Rawley and Rodney to the church family.  It was a joy to be involved in a Missions Conference in a church that is excited about missions and reaching the world for Christ.

Evangelist Gary Gilmore, Evangelist Doyle Robertson, Rev. Donn Mogford representing Shepherd’s, and Rev. David Whitcher the North American Church Planting Coordinator for Baptist Mid-Missions, all preached.  Evangelist Robertson and his family also led the singing and presented the special music.  On Saturday, Jane and the other missionary wives told their testimonies and enjoyed fellowshipping with the church ladies at a luncheon.   Meanwhile, the men enjoyed great fellowship around a table at Golden Corral.