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COME International Baptist Ministries
“Spring Conference”

Thursday, May 28th, 2015


May 16 – 20, 2015 we attended our 47th annual COME Conference in Pontiac, Illinois. Because of faithful supporters and a fund raising banquet to alleviate the building debt, the home office of COME is now debt-free. It was a joy to see all of the evangelists again and get caught up on all of their ministry reports. The evangelists voted me in as their Evangelist Rep for the next two years. When I attend the board meetings, I always have a better understanding of what COME is all about and the other ministries that we are involved in around the world.

On Thursday, most of the evangelists stayed at the church and we enjoyed working on each other’s trailers and partaking in a large potluck in the backyard of the church. After the evangelists all left, I stayed to preach at Calvary Baptist Church in Pontiac and give the church an update on our coming summer ministries. Our first DVBS is June 7 – 11, 2015 in Omaha, Nebraska.

While I remained in Pontiac, Jane and Caleb drove over to Pierceton, Indiana to see family (Jane’s parents and brother serve there and Zach a nephew graduates from high school tomorrow). Last year Jane and Caleb helped with the beginning of a large addition to Bethel Baptist Church where Jane’s brother Jim serves; this year they are helping with the landscaping and few remaining projects to complete the building addition. Praise God because of many volunteer hours given by Jane’s Dad John

Temple Baptist Church

Thursday, May 28th, 2015


We spent Mother’s Day in Charles City, Iowa at Temple Baptist Church and I preached from the book of Ruth. On Sunday, I preached in the three services. Temple Baptist is searching for a pastor to lead them.

NickWoodWe parked our trailer at the home of Nick and Barb Feenstra. Nick continues to farm and enjoys woodworking and Barb works in town. Their many bird feeders brought great delight as we saw cardinals, jays, nuthatch, and woodpeckers, as well as the sneaky squirrels. Jane’s brother Jim is married to Nick and Barb’s daughter. Jim and Elaine serve in Pierceton, Indiana where Jim is the pastor at Bethel Baptist.

On Saturday May 9th, Caleb attended the annual Iowa Adventureland retreat. He saw many of his friends from all across Iowa and enjoyed the many rides at the park.

Oakland Baptist Church

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015


On the first of May, we moved our home to Oakland, Minnesota. On Saturday, Caleb and I went to a bilingual Bible study with Pastor Bernie Boldt and his family. Pastor asked the questions from the Bible study and one of the ladies read the verses out of her Karen Bible. After the Bible Study we had a delicious Karen/Thai meal. On May 3rd, Pastor Boldt drove the church bus and picked up children and parents for Sunday School. They all enjoyed the ventriloquism and object lessons with a surprise ending. Rodney helped me tell the story of Daniel and his faithful reputation. At the 11:00 hour Caleb played his tin whistle for a special number. After the children went to children’s church, I preached out of John 3.

OaklandMn04Sunday evening we sang songs requested by the saints. Then, Randy helped with a story on Gideon and his faithful army of only 300 men. Then we closed the evening with a message presenting our ministry to the church. I preached out of Acts 16 when Paul and Silas was in prison. Just as I got to the part when the walls began to shake a large thunder storm came through our area. Now that is what I call, “a message with sound effects”. Please pray for this growing church as pastor teaches his new members the importance of tithing.

Bethel Baptist Church

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015


On April 26, 2015, I preached at Bethel Baptist Church in Britt, Iowa. Britt is known for its Hobo Museum and annual Hobo Festival. We started with a whole family Sunday School in the morning and an evangelistic message at 11:00. Sunday night I presented our ministry to the church family. Pastor Greg Baum and his wife Beth have been friends of ours since college days. On Monday their son Nate needed to have an audience to listen to a speech that he had to record for a speech class. So on Monday we listened to Nate’s speech on the effects of violent video games. And on Wednesday night the church had their closing program for AWANA. After the awards were handed out, I shared the gospel with the help of Rawley and the story of Jonah. Please pray for those parents who heard the gospel, but have never responded in saving faith.

BethelBritt04Just North of Britt is one of our supporting churches. Although we were not able to schedule a meeting with them, I was able to spend some time with my dear friend Doug Farrell the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Forest City. We did some fishing and target practice and ate lunch at a local Mexican Restaurant. Please pray for both of these churches as they minister in Northern Iowa.