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Victory Baptist Church

Friday, April 22nd, 2016


April 17, 2016 was our last Sunday in the state of Louisiana.  We had the privilege to spend it at Victory Baptist Church in Lake Charles on the west side of the state.  We started the day with a whole family Sunday school class using ventriloquism and object lessons.  Then for the morning service, I preached from John 4 on the Missionary of Sychar.  After the salvation of the women at the well, she told many that Jesus was at the well and they should go see him.  Many trusted in Jesus as the Savior of the world.  Sunday night I was able to share with the church about our ministry in evangelism, tell a story with Randy and preach from Matthew on the error of what the Sadducees believed.

On Monday morning before starting our 1000-mile trip to Richmond, Indiana, I preach for chapel at Victory Baptist Christian School.  I preached the message on Jonah and the Great Fish illustrating the gospel with three of my object lessons.  The children asked some great questions about our ministry and told me about their future plans after graduation.  Please pray for these dear students as they go to Bible College and seek God’s Will for their future ministries.

Occupy One Baptist Church

Monday, April 11th, 2016


On April 10, 2016, I preached for Pastor Joey Whitener at Occupy One Baptist Church in Pitkin, Louisiana.  The Pastor and his family got the word out that we were going to be there for a whole family Sunday School class and morning service.  The services were well attended with lots of visitors who heard the gospel.  After the morning services the church family stayed at the church for food and fellowship in the fellowship hall.  Then Sunday evening I was able to tell a story with Rodney and preach an evangelistic message from Mark chapter five.

Occupy02This church was the first fundamental Baptist church west of the Mississippi River.  Pioneer Rev. Joseph Willis 1764-1854 started this church in 1832.   His tombstone in the Occupy One Cemetery next to the church says “First Baptist Church of the Word in Louisiana west of the Mississippi River”.   The church is continuing to be a faithful light of the Gospel with Pastor Joey and his wife Kristie and children as they seek to reach this area with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Faith Bible Baptist Church

Saturday, April 9th, 2016

2016-04-03 OakdaleFaith

On April 3, 2016, I spoke for Pastor Lester Hobbs in Oakdale, Louisiana at Faith Bible Baptist Church.  It was good to see Pastor Lester again and his wife, Dotty.  Their church family has been very faithful to the Lord for several years and we enjoy seeing them each time we are able to hold meetings in Louisiana.  This year I used Rodney to tell the story of Noah and the Great Flood for a whole family Sunday School class.  Then I preached on Isaiah 53 in the morning and for the evening service I preached on Daniel and the Lion’s Den.  Pastor Hobbs and others in the church have a ministry where they hold meetings in the local prison.  This ministry has allowed them to reach people around the world, because it houses nationals that are in our country illegally.

On Monday and Tuesday, I traveled with Pastor Hobbs and his wife Dotty to Kingsway Baptist Church in Ringgold, Louisiana for a pastor’s state meeting for April.  It was good to see several pastors that I have known for years and meet some new ones.  I was able to stay in a motel at Southland Christian Ministries a Bible camp directed by Evangelist Michael Herbster.  Brother Michael served as an evangelist for several years and is now the director of the camp ministering to children and adults.  I have heard about his ministry over the last several years. It was a joy to meet him and his family for the first time and see how God is using him at the camp.

Gonzales Baptist Temple

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

2016-04-03 GonzalesBaptist

On Easter Sunday we served with Pastor Clint Johnson at Gonzales Baptist Temple in Gonzales, Louisiana.  Pastor Johnson owns a Jeep and he enjoys backpacking and sleeping out under the stars.  So Pastor and I left Friday, March 25, and spent the night on a sand dune with a campfire. Pastor Johnson slept in the hammock and I was in a one-man tent.  We stayed up watching the fire and talking about the Lord until 1:45 in the morning. We came back home after lunch and got ready for Sunday services.

Brother Ellis preached the sunrise service at 6:30 before breakfast; later, I presented a Bible study on the Life and Death of Jesus for Sunday School and preached the Easter, Sunday Message from Isaiah 53.  Even though pastor and his wife were busy getting ready for their daughter Candice’s wedding, we still had good fellowship and were able to catch up on lost time.  Please pray for Todd and Candice as they begin their new life together.