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Shields Valley Bible Church

Monday, June 20th, 2016


Our next Vacation Bible School was held at Shields Valley Bible Church in Clyde Park, Montana just north of Yellowstone National Park.  The church sits in a beautiful valley surrounded by rolling hills inhabited by roaming antelope and herds of elk.  Each day the youth group grew as they worked hard on their verses and worksheets for points to win the grand prize.  The top point getter was given a new fishing poll so he could catch trout in the Yellowstone River that flows through the valley just south of Clyde Park.

ShieldsValleyIt was good to see Pastor Glen and his wife Angie again for this week of VBS.  Years ago in 1986, they served in Spearfish, South Dakota in one of the churches where I first began using ventriloquism for the Lord. We are rejoicing in the one student who trusted Christ as her personal Savior.  During the week we were able to fellowship with the saints in their homes and take in the local sights.  Please pray for this growing church and Pastor Heileg as they seek to reach the lost with the gospel.

Caleb is spending the summer in Pierceton, Indiana.  He is living with his grandparents John and Jean Baughman, working through a temporary job service, and serving with his piano at Bethel Baptist Church where Jane’s brother Jim ministers as the pastor.  Praise the Lord for the summer, he found a piano teacher Miss Melissa Baughman (no relation).

Please pray for our sister-in-law Elaine and our nephews Josh and Zach and nieces Christina and Stephanie as her father Nick graduated to heaven 2 weeks ago.

Grace Baptist Church

Thursday, June 16th, 2016


This summer our Vacation Bible School theme is “Building Lives for Christ”.  Our first week of VBS was held at Grace Baptist Church in Omaha, Nebraska with Pastor Greg Ubben and his wife Diane.  Because Grace is only a few blocks from where Caleb goes to College, we had the privilege of working with Jeff James one of Caleb’s music professors who attends the church.  Jeff James helped with the set up each day with the penny drive and treats.  The children attended faithfully, invited visitors, and said their verses: they collected lots of points for their teams.  During the week we saw two trust Christ as Savior.

Because the church does not have a parking lot that we can park in, we parked at Jesse McConnell’s house down south in Bellevue. We were supplied well with 50 amp 220 electricity, water, and Wi-Fi connection. In the past, Jesse has printed our prayer cards. Please pray for this growing church in the city of Omaha and for the two children who trusted Christ as their personal Savior.

Cornerstone Church

Monday, June 6th, 2016


On May 29, 2016 I was able to get all the work finished on our motorhome in Richmond, Indiana so that I could go back to Pierceton, Indiana and fill the pulpit for Cornerstone in Argos.  The church is looking for a pastor to come and love the people in the area and lead them as they seek to reach the lost.  This week I found out that the interim pastor who was filling their pulpit just passed away with a heart problem.  Pastor John Baughman (my father-in-law) and I were filling the pulpit for them as their interim was going through heart surgery.  Because of complications in his recovery, he went home to be with the Lord. Please pray for this church as they continue to look for a pastor and continue to minister in their community.

Pray for the Silcott Ministries as we begin our summer ministry in Vacation Bible Schools and Bible Camps.  We are holding meetings in Nebraska, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.  Our prayer is that we will see 100 trust Christ as Savior and one family to join the church as a result of Daily Vacation Bible School.  This year our theme is “Building Lives for Christ”.