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Building Lives For Christ

Thursday, August 25th, 2016


Last week we finished our last Daily Vacation Bible School for the summer of 2016.  This summer we held two weeks of Bible camp in Montana at Lake Blaine Baptist Bible Camp and four Daily Vacation Bible Schools.  We started with one in Omaha, Nebraska, one in Clyde Parke, Montana, one in Portland, Oregon, and our last one in Crescent City, California.  As a result of schedule changes and because of a change in school plans, we also held two one day meetings instead: one in Dixon and another one in Philipsburg.  As a result of our ministry this summer, we saw 26 children trust Christ as Savior.

For the next two summers- June, July, & August of 2017 and 2018, our theme will be   “On Track for Christ”.   This theme introduces Rawley, Randy, and Rodney as each teams’ locomotive engineer.   Each team’s points will be substituted for train engines or cars for cargo.  The team with the longest train is the winner at the end of the week.  Each Bible story title is an acrostic to the word train.  Each day the gospel will be clearly taught and the Saints will be encouraged to live for the Lord.  If you are interested in having the Silcott Ministries come to your church for a Vacation Bible School in the next two summers or for a week of revival meetings, please contact us at:

The Silcotts

Fort Dick Bible Church

Friday, August 19th, 2016

FortKickBible 08-19-2016

August 14 – 18, 2016 we held our last Daily Vacation Bible School at Fort Kick Bible Church in Crescent City, California with Pastor Roger and Kathy Daley.  Each evening we started with a meal for the children and adult helpers provided by the ladies in the church.  Then out back of the church, the children played for 20 minutes of game time to get rid of some wiggle worms that each child possesses.  Then we went to the church auditorium for reading the theme verse and singing some songs with lots of motions to help them sit for the 35-minute message with   my four friends and three object lessons to teach the gospel.

StGeeorge Light HouseIt was good to see Pastor Roger and his wife Kathy again.  We first met them as they were going to college at Faith the same time that Jane and I were attending the Seminary.  We rejoice in the three children who trust Christ as their Savior.  Please pray that they will be faithful to church and that they will grow in their new-found faith.  Also pray for those who heard the gospel, but have not responded.

Heritage Baptist Church

Monday, August 15th, 2016


On August 7 we started our meetings at Heritage Baptist Church with Pastor Bob and Teri Nakamura.  On Sunday morning I presented my seminar on “Leading a Friend to Christ” for Sunday School and preached a message from Luke 16 for the morning service.  We also gave this supporting church a quick update concerning our ministry in evangelism.  At 2:00 Karen Baptist Church meets in their building for their morning service. The Karen people are an ethnic group from Thailand and Myanmar. I spoke in their service with Rodney to invite them to our week of Vacation Bible School.  The adults needed this dialogue to be interpreted for them in their own language, but the children who attend our American public schools understand every word.

The church family was not sure how many children would come for our week of meetings.  They thought that we might have four from the church, but did not know if anyone from the Karen Baptist Church would come.  It was exciting to see on Monday morning we had four from Heritage Baptist and 40 from Karen Baptist Church.  The Karen children eagerly learned the Bible stories and worked hard on memorizing the memory verses for our theme “Building Lives for Christ”.  Please pray for those who heard the gospel, but have not responded.

Lake Blaine Baptist Bible Camp

Monday, August 8th, 2016


Our last week of meetings in Montana started on July 31 at First Baptist Church in Libby, Montana.  We have held several meetings in this church over the past 20 years.  It was good to see these faithful servants of the Lord again and give them an update of our ministry in evangelism.  I encouraged them concerning missions out of Acts 16 as Paul and Silas reached the lost in Macedonia.  Then we enjoyed fellowship with Pastor Joe and his wife Brenda Slaughter at a restaurant in town.

On Monday, August 1st we started our week of Junior Girls’ Bible Camp at Lake Blaine Baptist Bible Camp directed by a dear friend Pastor David Pestel.  The missionary for the week was Eli Guiltner who is a missionary from the field of Japan.  His wife Katie is expecting their first baby in the month of October.   The girls listened very well each evening to the messages and the stories told by my friends.  During the week we rejoice in the fifteen girls who trusted in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  Please pray for these girls as they head back to their different homes that they will continue to read their Bibles each day and continue to grow in Christ.