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Berean Bible Church

Monday, September 26th, 2016


On September 26, 20116 we held meetings at Berean Bible Church in Sandy, Utah with Pastor Wayne Mudge.  The goal was to have a whole family Sunday School class to reach young people in the community with the gospel and to encourage adults to be faithful in Sunday School.  I made a flyer for the church and helped them on Friday and Saturday afternoon to hand them out in the community.  Praise the Lord we had visitors for Sunday School.  For the morning service I preached an evangelistic message to the adults and in the evening presented more ventriloquism and preached from John 4.  Please pray for those who have not responded to the gospel.

Jane enjoyed talking with the pastor’s wife Debbie Mudge who like her grew up as a missionaries’ kid under Baptist Mid-Missions.  We also enjoyed seeing Eugene and Donna Visher who we knew from seminary days back at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary.  Brother Gene leads many Bible studies throughout the week seeking to reach his unsaved friends with the gospel and encourage them to be a part of the local church.  Please pray for this growing church as they seek to reach this area with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Santaquin Baptist Church

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016


September 11, 2016, we held meetings at Santaquin Baptist Church in Sataquin, Utah with Pastor Chris DeMorell.  This is a new church meeting in a public school next to I-15.  They had a Sunday School class at 10:00 Sunday morning, then a morning service at 11:00.  At this time, they do not have an evening service, but they did have their first Buckaroo children’s youth group on Tuesday night.  Then on Thursday evening they conduct a Bible study in Eureka, Utah just west of Santaquin in the mountains.

Not having a building of their own, we had to find a place that we could park our motorhome and find the needed electricity and water for the week.  Pastor Chris lives just a few miles from the school with just enough room between his home and the neighbor’s fence to park our home and settle in for the week of meetings.  It was quite a privilege to preach for each one of these services and see one child named Malachi trust in Christ as his personal Savior.  Please pray for those who heard the gospel that they will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus as the one way to salvation.

Calvary Baptist Church

Monday, September 5th, 2016


Our last service in California was held at Calvary Baptist Church in Paradise, California.  Calvary Baptist Church has been one of our supporting churches for the last 20 years.  We enjoyed seeing our friends that have been praying for us in the ministry of evangelism for all these years and to meet some new members and get to spend some time with their pastor, Gerry Zordel.  For the Adult Sunday school, I presented my seminar on the inspiration of scripture.  This seminar is designed to present clear Biblical truth that the Bible is the Word of God and that it does not just contain the Word of God.  Then in the morning service I preached a message out of Acts to encourage the saints and challenge the lost to trust Christ as Savior.

ParadiseEagleAn added bonus was to get to see Pat Roy and his family for the church services and to spend time with them for Lunch.  Brother Roy works with Christian radio productions and speaks around the country for a ministry called “Creation Works”.  His desire is to help Christian leaders understand what part of the teaching of evolution is drawing children from our local churches.   He also works with the media at large events such as the Creation Museum with Ken Ham for the ribbon cutting at Noah’s Ark this July.  Please pray for Pastor Zordel’s wife as she is going through lots of pain following her hip and knee replacement surgery.  She has missed church quite often these last few months because of a medical condition that causes more pain than normal.

Elmira Baptist Church

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016


We ended the month of August with a whole family VBS on Saturday night August 27th in Elmira, California with Pastor Gerald Harder at Elmira Baptist Church.  Visitors came out to see Rosie as she helped me tell the story of Haggai and the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem.  For the Adult Sunday School class, I presented my seminar on Biblical truth of Creation and the condemnation of those who ignore the Glory of God seen in the sky and the world around us.  Sunday morning, I preached out of Acts 16 and how Paul and Silas built the early church.  The whole family was invited Sunday night to another service with a story from Rodney.  I preached on the most important boat that was ever built.  Noah’s Ark was built to save lives and introduce us to a just God that has provided eternal life and the forgiveness of our sin.

IMG_2042Elmira Baptist Church is starting the process of building a new building so they can accommodate more people.  The auditorium was packed and they desperately need more room.  They gave their pews to a nearby church and replaced them with chairs.  Next they are putting down a new rug and moving the platform back a few feet.  This will give them a few more seats until they can build the new building scheduled in the next few years.  Please pray for this building project and for pastor’s health as he recovers from a stroke.