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Grace Baptist Church

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016


We left the state of Utah and made our way north to the state of Wyoming.  I spoke at Grace Baptist Church with Pastor Richard Hartman and his wife Jenny in Kemmerer.  My wife has made friends with Jenny and several other ladies in Kemmerer with her involvement in quilting.  Because of this connection in the community, we had several visitors attend Sunday School with Rawley and the story of Jonah.  They stayed for the morning message presented from John 3 concerning the question of eternal life Nicodemus had for Jesus on eternal life.

The church normally does not have an evening service.  But, because we were in town, they made an exception and invited everyone to come back for a service and a potluck supper after.  We rejoice in the visitors who were invited and came to see Rodney tell the story of Daniel and the Lion’s den.  After a short presentation of our ministry I preached out of Mark on the living portfolio introducing a Picture of a Sinner, a Picture of a Saint and a Picture of a Servant.  Please pray that those who are still lost in their sin will soon trust Christ as their Savior.  On Tuesday night Pastor Richard and I joined the pastor from Thayne and held a Bible study in Cokeville, Wyoming where they are trying to start a new church.

Grace Baptist Church

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016


On October 16, we had the opportunity to update Grace Baptist Church in Vernal, Utah concerning our ministry in evangelism.  Pastor Dan Ellis and his wife Amber just had a new baby that week.  Our meeting was well planned so that we could be a blessing to the church and to Pastor Dan and his family.  On Sunday morning at 9:00, the church starts the day with a Bible study that takes the place of their Sunday night service.  This year they are carefully reading the church’s constitution.  After reading each doctrine they take four or five weeks to study the Scriptures and learn the in-depth truths about the doctrine.  Last week they were studying the doctrine of Angelology.

danellsAt 10:00 we held a whole family Sunday School class with Rawley and the study of David and how he prospered in his walk with God.  Then for the morning service, I preached out of Acts 16 and the birth of a church in Macedonia.  On Sunday night, we got together with several families in the church and traveled over to Roosevelt to help harvest apples from Pastor Franklin’s Apple Orchard.  With all those who came to help we produced 45 gallons of apple cider for all of us to enjoy.  Please pray for this growing church in Vernal, Utah they are going through financial difficulties with oil workers losing their jobs and having to leave for other employment.

Independent Baptist Church

Saturday, October 15th, 2016


On October 2, 2016 we had the opportunity to speak at Independent Baptist Church in Heber City for Pastor Steve Miller.  Pastor Steve keeps very busy with his construction business helping people refurbish their homes.  During the summer he provides horseback riding for the children at Bible camp.  Pastor Miller with the help of his family has seen the church grow and reach out to this community snuggled in the mountains just 50 miles east of Salt Lake City, Utah.  For Sunday School Rawley helped me tell the story about David and his encounter with Goliath.  Then for the morning service I shared the Gospel found in the book of Acts.  Sunday Night I shared with the church family about our ministry and desire to reach the lost helping churches around the world and closed the service with a message from John chapter four.

It is always encouraging talking to these church members about their walk with the Lord and what life is like in the mountains of Utah.  This Sunday they had a visitor named George who is a hunting guide for trophy elk.  As he showed me a picture, he pointed to the mountain just north of town where he led a successful hunt that produced a 6 by 6 elk just the day before.  George told me that he appreciated my clear message on the Gospel that morning.  As far as we know he has never accepted Christ as his personal Savior.  Please pray for this growing church and that George will soon trust in Christ.