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First Baptist Church

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016


For November 27, 2016, we left Hulett, Wyoming near Devil’s Tower National Monument and headed north to Baker, Montana.  First Baptist Church in Baker, Montana has prayed me for more than 30 years and began supporting us early in my ministry. It was good to see our faithful friends again and meet new friends that have recently joined the church.  Pastor Levi & Tammy Durfey have been so faithful raising their children to serve the Lord and reaching this small community for the Savior.  Several of the ranchers in Montana drive over an hour to get to church so they have Sunday School at 9:45 and their morning service at 11:00, then they break for lunch and have their evening service at 1:30. That way the ranchers that must travel so far to get to church can take part in all three services.

durfeyfamilyBaker, Montana has seen several life changing events since the last time we were in town. June 2016 they had a tornado start in the southeast corner of town and head for the middle of Baker; but when the tornado hit the lake, it sucked up all of the lake water and disbanded into nothing.  Although several homes were destroyed including the local park pavilion, the rest of the town was spared because of the lake.  At the same time, the town was also hit with a hail storm that took out roofs and destroyed the siding on many homes and businesses.  The pastor’s home still needs to be resided and the church needed a new roof.  Praise the Lord the church has been repaired. Although the siding is still paid for, the pastor is still waiting for his new siding.

First Baptist Church

Monday, November 21st, 2016


devilstowerwy01For Sunday November 20, 2016, we made our way up north to Hulett, Wyoming.  On our way to the church we saw lots of mule deer on the hills next to the road and we passed Devil’s Tower National Monument.  Pastor Jim Palus invited us to come up and preach for a whole family Sunday School class and present the Gospel in the morning service just before their big Thanksgiving Dinner at noon. After the delicious meal with turkey and all the trimmings, we all made our way to the Community Center for their annual Pinewood Derby.  Every child in their C. B. Rangers youth group made a car of wood to race down the track to see which one was the fastest.  After the children, all raced their cars they started over adding all the adults.  Everyone shouted for their favorite car as the checker flag came out for the winner.

Calvary Baptist Church
Faith Baptist Church

Monday, November 21st, 2016


For November 13, 2016, we parked our home in the parking lot of Calvary Baptist Church in Douglas, Wyoming.  On the day that we arrived at the church, I noticed that we were leaking anti-freeze out of the weep hole on our water pump.  It was evident that it had just started leaking because the overflow container was still half full and the motor was not overheating.  One of the men in the church, Pete Nielsen stepped up and told me that he would be willing to help me replace the water pump on our motorhome.  What a blessing not to have to take it into an expensive repair shop.

During our stay in Douglas I was asked to speak for the Bible study and prayer time for Wednesday, November 9 and Wednesday, November 16, 2016.  On Sunday, I held a whole family Sunday School class and preached for their morning service. Please pray for Calvary Baptist as they continue to look for a pastor.

Sunday night we made our way down to Cheyenne, Wyoming to see the new building that Faith Baptist Church purchased. It was exciting to reintroduce our ministry to their growing congregation. Faith has been one of our supporting churches, but has many new families who we have never met. What a privilege to help them move on Friday and see this new building firsthand.  Please pray for Faith Baptist Church in Cheyenne as they seek to reach this new neighborhood with the Gospel.

Grace Bible Church

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016


On November 6, 2016, we presented our ministry at Grace Bible Church in Lander, Wyoming.  Pastor Timothy Senter and his wife Chris live in the back of the church and made our stay very comfortable by providing supper on Friday night after we arrived in town and Sunday dinner for the church and us.  On Sunday morning at 10:00, we had our morning service with a message from John chapter three.  Then at the 11:00 hour, we had a whole family Sunday school class with a story from Rawley.   This church seeks to reach the needs of the community with a day care for families so they can work to meet the needs of their families.  Grace Bible Church is also working on a project to provide Bibles for all the Public Schools in the state of Wyoming.  After they finish Wyoming they want to try and provide Bibles for other public schools across America.

Please pray for Grace Bible Church as the foundation of their building is shifting and they need to find a way to prevent and repair this damage.   Also, pray that visitors will make Grace their church home and stay to serve the Lord.  Also, pray for Pastor Senter’s daughter-in-law as she is close to her due date.  Pray that the delivery will go well and that mother and baby will be healthy.

Friendship Baptist Church

Sunday, November 6th, 2016


For October 28 – 30, 2016 we held a Missions Conference in Thayne, Wyoming at Friendship Baptist Church.  Pastor Sprecher and his wife Pam are working hard to encourage this small church in the mountains south of the Grand Tetons National Park to grow and to learn to love missions.   Our theme for the week was “Here Am I Lord Send Me” found in Isaiah 6:8. The Lord was seeking someone that would go and tell Israel to repent. Isaiah spoke up and said that he was willing to answer the call and fill the need.  We looked at other examples like Paul and Silas; Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego; Noah; and finally, the missionary of Sychar.

img_2373The meetings were well attended and the church was encouraged through the preaching of God’s Word and through the ventriloquism as my friends helped me tell Bible stories that promoted the theme for the week.  After the weekend was over, pastor invited us to come back next summer for a week of Daily Vacation Bible School in August.  Please pray for this growing church in Thayne and for Pam Sprecher as she recovers from surgery.  She is home recovering and waiting to see if she is free from the cancer they found and removed last Tuesday, November 1.