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Baptist Evangelical Church

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

This week, June 18 – 21. 2017, we presented our theme “On Track for Christ” at Baptist Evangelical Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with Pastor David Christner.  I used Monday’s story and object lessons in a whole family Sunday School, then preached an evangelistic message for Sunday morning. On Monday and Tuesday evening, we held a family Bible School and used Tuesday’s story on Monday and Wednesday’s story on Tuesday.  For Wednesday, we conducted an all-day children’s VBS and started at 9:00 a.m. and went through 2:30 p.m.  Wednesday was the only day that the church had enough available help to conduct a VBS.  In the morning Randy helped me with Thursday’s story and in the afternoon Rawley presented the story for Friday.

Pray for those who have heard the gospel through the ventriloquism, object lessons and from Jane as she taught the memory verses.  The good news for the week was that the church saw visitors that they have been inviting to come to church for many years.  We rejoice in the first time families and others who came who heard the gospel for the first time.  We did not see any response, but our prayer is that soon they will accept this gift of eternal life.

Berea Baptist Church

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Our next Vacation Bible School was held in Stevens Point, Wisconsin at Berea Baptist Church on June 11 – 16, 2017.  In 1985 I served my college internship at Berea; so it was good to see friends again and spend time with their Pastor Corey Brookins and family.  The children invited friends each day and got candy and prizes to reward their efforts.  Some responded to the invitations and asked questions, but none responded with salvation.  Please pray as the church continues to be in contact with these families.

On Monday, a storm came through town and we had straight-line winds that reached 60 mile an hour. The winds downed trees and power poles. Although houses all around the church were without electricity, because of a unique power grid, the church and our trailer still had electricity.  Vacation Bible School still went on as planned.  On Track for Christ with the Silcott Ministries.  “All Aboard.” See you at our next stop!

First Baptist Church

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Our first Vacation Bible School for the summer of 2017 was held in Russiaville, Indiana at First Baptist Church with Pastor Ned Sutherland.  We started with 21 children on Monday morning and reached a high of 32 on Friday. The children enjoyed the ventriloquism and object lessons as we presented our theme “On Track for Christ”.  The VBS students earned points through memory time, bringing their Bibles and finishing their worksheets. The big point getter for the week was given to those who brought a visitor.

Jane and Mrs. Sutherland taught the verses each day by putting motions to the words in each verse.  Children learn best by being able to see the verse, hear the verse and act out the motions with purpose.  To help even more we have each verse put to music so they can sing the verse at the end of the memory time just before trying to quote the verse for points.  On Friday, we had a closing program for the parents at 11:00 AM so they could come and meet Rawley and hear the verses the children had memorized.  To end the program, we all went downstairs to enjoy some pizza and root beer floats.  We rejoice that six children responded to the gospel and trusted in Christ as their Savior.  Please pray for this growing church as the church seeks to reach the community of Russiaville, Indiana for Christ.

Come International Baptist Ministries

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

After my last entry on our blog, we left for Pennsylvania for our 49th Annual COME Conference.  On our way, I stopped to see my Aunt Linda in South Bend, Indiana.  It was good to see her again and her son Jonathan and his family of three children.  Our conference was missing several evangelists and board members because of graduations of children and grandchildren and some who had out of the USA ministry trips.  Jane taught the ladies’ Sunday School and led the COME ladies’ meeting each morning. This year I was the Evangelist Rep to the board; and I served on the board on Monday and led the Evangelists’ Hour including devotions and discussions on the issues that confront the evangelists on the road in missionary evangelism.

On Sunday, May 28, Caleb boarded a plane in Chicago heading for Israel for 16 days.  This is a ministry of telling Bible stories on the site where the event took place.  He will see the land of Israel, earn three college credits and receive a certificate in Bible Story Telling.  Please pray for Caleb as he tells his five stories and for his safety in travel.

Since Easter, Jane has helped her Dad and others with volunteer work.  From April 17–28 and May 8-13, Jane “played with mud” at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Ankeny, Iowa – she mixed the mortar and kept her Dad John Baughman supplied with bricks while he laid bricks for the remodeled seminary building. Then from May 15 – 18 and May 25 – 31 in Pierceton, Indiana, she helped her nephew Zack at his new-to-him house and her brother Pastor Jim Baughman and Dad salvage an industrial garage door and bathroom furnishings at an elementary school. (The door and partitions will be used at Bethel Baptist Church in Pierceton where her brother pastors.)  On June 1, she returned to the motorhome.