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Temple Baptist Church

Friday, April 27th, 2018

Now that we have been on the road in the ministry of evangelism for over 26 years, we have meet lots of friends whom we have kept in contact with.  One such family is the Swayze family that we met in Pinole, California.  In recent years Bobby Swayze retired and moved his family to Manchester, Tennessee to be closer to family in Tennessee.  Two years ago, our ministry took us through that area of Tennessee near their hometown.  I called Bobby and asked him if we could park at the church he was attending; and Temple Baptist Church in Manchester allowed us to park so that we could spend some time with Bobby and Betty and meet their new pastor and their new church home.

This year we were able to stop in Manchester and present our ministry at Temple Baptist Church.  We started off the day with a story from Randy and object lessons in the Children’s Church.  Then Sunday night, Rodney told the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den for the whole church family and I preached a message with a short presentation of our ministry with Come.  On Monday morning at 8:15 I spoke for their Christian school.  Please pray for this growing church as they are looking at a very busy few weeks.  Also pray that they might take us on for monthly support.

Calvary Baptist Church

Monday, April 16th, 2018

On Sunday April 15, 2018, we left our motorhome in Gonzales and drove our car the 45 minutes to Calvary Baptist Church in Luling, Louisiana. Pastor Tommy Hogan is starting a new church on the shore of the Mississippi River. From the front door you can see large ships, barges and tug boats pass by.  Rawley helped me speak for a whole family Sunday School hour with object lessons to explain the gospel.  In the morning service I preached on Nicodemus and his midnight run to see Jesus.

In the evening I preached out of the Gospel of Mark and presented our ministry in evangelism.  Rawley also helped me tell the story of David and his fight with Goliath.  Each service was well attended, and people responded to the invitation and made decisions for Christ and their walk with the Lord.   Please pray for Pastor Tommy and his wife as they serve the Lord in Luling and seek to homeschool their children.

Gonzales Baptist Temple

Monday, April 16th, 2018

I scheduled Pastor Clint Johnson for two Sundays:  Easter Sunday and Sunday, April 8, 2018.  During the week for four days, the plan was to camp in tents with the stars overhead and enjoying the outdoors in the spring.  Pastor Clint Johnson enjoys camping and driving his Jeep on dirt roads, so it was a good break for him from driving school bus. One night we had some wind and a few hours of rain.  The tents kept us dry and warm making for a great night for some sleep.

For Easter Sunday, I had the joy of preaching from I Corinthians 15:1f.  A great view of the gospel and a few verses on the tragedy that would occur if the resurrection never happened.  Our Savior lives and we can say the grave has lost its hold.  On April 8th I was able to preach in the morning for children’s church; and in the evening, I told a story with Rawley and Randy, presented our ministry and preached a message from Mark.  Please pray for Pastor Johnson and his wife Sandy as they seek to reach this community for Christ and raise their niece in their home.