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Elliot Road Baptist Church

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Our next Vacation Bible School was held in Gilbert, Arizona at Elliot Road Baptist Church with Pastor Dan Mooney.  Elliot Road Baptist Church is one of our supporting churches in the state of Arizona.  The church does not have very many children, so the goal was to reach out into the community for some new contacts.  We had around 12 children with visitors each day and three trusted Christ as their Savior.  Jane taught the children the verses using songs and motions.

One of the girls trusted Christ as her Savior on Monday and came back each day bringing a new friend with her for points.  On Friday the friend she brought also trusted Christ as his Savior.  He came back in the auditorium with a new Bible in his hand and a smile on his face.  A New Name Written Down in Glory.  Please pray for those who trusted in Christ as Savior and for the church as they seek to reach these families for Christ.

Open Door Baptist Church

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Vacation Bible School in Prescott Valley was held on June 10 – 15 at Open Door Baptist Church with Pastor Thomas Petro.  Pastor Petro and I first met at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa.  It was a blessing to see Pastor Tom again and his wife Brenda as we served the Lord together in a week of VBS.  Silcott Ministries presented our theme “On Track for Christ” with Bible stories told through ventriloquism and the gospel clearly shared through object lessons with a surprise ending.   Each day the children worked hard on their memory verses and bringing visitors to join them in the fun.

The crafts this week were well thought out giving the children something to take home that would remind them of the Bible stories told during the week.  On the last day they drew a name of one of the children who could throw a pie in Pastor Petro’s face.  The children lined up to watch the fun.  Please pray for the six children who trusted in Christ as their personal Savior.  Also pray for us as we replace one of our air conditioners that quit working in this hot summer weather.

Santaquin Baptist Church

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

The week of June 3 – 7th, 2018, we held our first Vacation Bible School in Santaquin, Utah.  Santaquin sits in a valley with one mountain range to the west and one to the east: both ranges run from north to south. A local park where both ranges can be clearly seen is where the VBS was held, because this new work meets in a small rented office building and because about 30 children attended each day. Not meeting in the church also encouraged mothers from the local polygamist colony of Rocky Ridge to allow their children to attend. Please pray for these dear children as they seek the truth about God and eternal life. Pray also for Pastor DeMorell and his wife Rachel who is about to give birth to their first baby boy.

We are so thankful for our small car which allowed us to drive back and forth from Nephi where our motorhome was parked at a RV park. Praise the Lord the store front church – First Baptist Church of Nephi is finishing the final phases of the construction of their church building. They have been a store front church for 20 years.

MAY: Big Events

Friday, June 1st, 2018

May has been full of many miles traveled and several ministry and family events.  I started in Richmond, Indiana at Camping World where we had several severe issues that we repaired. While there, Hillcrest Baptist Church recorded one dialogue with Rawley which will be aired on the local Christian tv channel.  I joined Jane in Omaha and our son Caleb and Angel were married on May 12, 2018.  On Sunday night, May 13, we gave a ministry update to Temple Baptist Church in Omaha, Nebraska.

We traveled to Pontiac, Illinois for our Mission Board’s 50th anniversary.  COME was started by Ed Morrell in 1968.  We celebrated the event by inviting Randy Chovan to come and preach in the pavilion located in the downtown.   Three people trust Christ as Savior.

After the COME conference we used our car and traveled to Pierceton, Indiana to see family and update a supporting church.  Memorial Day, we returned to Pontiac and our motorhome; so, we can start our long trip West to Santaquin, Utah for our first Vacation Bible School with Pastor Chris DeMorell at Santaquin Baptist Church.  Thanks for praying for the Silcott Ministries for the salvation of souls and for safety on the road.