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Hillcrest Baptist Church

Friday, January 10th, 2020

Jane is going to stay with her family in Pierceton, Indian to spend time with her mom after cancer surgery.  She is also staying because of her right eye that has suffered an eye infection.  She has a recurring cornea erosion that is rough with lots of scarring.  The Ulcer is closed in and the infection is gone but still very sore and she is not able yet to see out of it.  Please pray for Jane as I move on south for warmer conditions for our motorhome and upcoming meetings.

We visited with Jane’s family in Pierceton, Indiana for Christmas and New Year’s.  After leaving there, I headed South to Richmond, Indiana to preach at Hillcrest Baptist Church and record two messages for a PBS TV program called “Glory Bound”.  I was able to present two stories that will be broadcasted on the local channel in Richmond, Indiana.  For the first half hour program I used Randy to help me tell the story of Samson and what he learned about sin.  Because of time I was only able to present two of my object lessons that I use to illustrate the gospel.  For the second half hour program I was able to invite some children to be on the set to help me with my object lessons and listen to the story.  Rodney came out and helped me tell the story of Noah and the “Great Boat Float”.  Starting off a new year I thought that it would be appropriate to tell a story from the book of beginnings.  Please pray for the people who hear and see these messages on TV that they will head the message of the cross of Calvary.

On Sunday I was able to speak to the children in Children’s Church.  Randy came out and we presented the Gospel and encouraged the Children to live a life of obedience.  One of the children responded to pray with a counselor for help to obey her parents and those in authority over her.  Two others responded for Salvation as the invitation was given at the end of the service.  Please pray for those who responded during the service and for those who still have not trusted Christ as Savior.