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Central Baptist Church

Saturday, September 25th, 2021

Next was the opportunity to speak for a youth retreat and for a week of meetings at Central Baptist Church in Gillette, Wyoming for Pastor Scott Clem.  I spoke twice for the teens that came from around the state on Saturday, September 18, 2021.  I preached from Jonah in the morning and from Genesis in the afternoon, on the story of Noah and the worldwide flood.  Eight teens raised their hand for prayer that they might serve the Lord faithfully in their daily lives.

Sunday through Wednesday I held meetings for the church seeking to encourage them in these troubling days.  Each service was well attended as I preached from the Old and New Testament.  Even the adults enjoyed the ventriloquism, as I started each service with a true account from scripture with one of my friends.  An invitation was given each night with encouraging results for prayer as they seek to reach their friends and family for Christ.  I was able to stay in their parsonage on the church property prepared for missionaries and guest speakers.  Please pray for this thriving church as they continue to reach out to their community for Christ and encourage the saints to be faithful during these difficult days.

First Baptist Church

Saturday, September 25th, 2021

On September 7, 2021 I left from Huron and headed for the Black Hills to spend some time with my Dad in Rapid City and preach in area churches.  On September 11, 2021 I drove to Hulett, Wyoming to preach Sunday Morning at the First Baptist Church for Pastor Jim Palus.  I spoke for the Sunday Morning service and held a meeting for the youth in the afternoon as Pastor Jim spoke to the parents for a workshop on the family.

Saturday and Sunday, I stayed at the Diamond L Guest Ranch just 13 miles out of town on a gravel road.  The owners call it the sand box with lots of deer, turkeys, and squirrels to keep the guest entertained.  There was great food and fellowship at the church and out on the Ranch.  Please pray for the church in Hullet as they reach out to the community and guest hunters that come to the area.  Thanks for your prayers and support for the Silcott Ministries.

Baptist Churches East of the River in South Dakota

Saturday, September 25th, 2021

After my meeting in Hamburg, I stopped in Omaha to see my son Caleb and his wife Angel and our Grandson Asher for a quick lunch as I headed for South Dakota.  I stayed in Huron so I could spend some time with my cousins and my Uncle Russell and Aunt Pat.  On Sunday Morning, September 5, 2021, I preached in Tulare, South Dakota for Pastor Todd Bowers.  People in this church knew me when I was a baby and toddler living in Wessington Springs, a small town just southwest of Huron. Tulare was one of the churches where I held my first Daily Vacation Bible School in 1986.

For the evening service on September 5, 2021, I preached in Huron, South Dakota for Pastor Aaron Mudge.  It was enjoyable to see friends with whom I went to camp in the Black Hills.  Calvary Baptist Church was the first church that I held a Daily Vacation Bible School for back in 1986.  Pastor Holmes is now retired and living on a newly purchased farmland just North of town.  Please pray for Pastor Aaron Mudge as he seeks to reach Huron for Christ. 

New Life Church of Freemont County

Saturday, September 25th, 2021

Wednesday night on September 1st I was asked to speak for Pastor Staley at a church in Hamburg for their first Awana club for the year.  Pastor Staley is the son of our former President of Come.  They are sent as missionaries to start a church in the Southwest side of Iowa in a small town of Hamburg. 

The pastor has several children that have made lots of friends in the community.  As a result, their Awana Club has a great start with 25 for the first night.  Please pray for this church as they seek leadership in this new church.  Thanks for praying for the Silcott Ministries.

Ministries Near Des Moines

Saturday, September 25th, 2021

In late August, I left Minnesota and headed South to the state of Iowa to give an update at two of our supporting churches.  First, our sending church Altoona Regular Baptist Church in Altoona, Iowa and second, Norwoodville Baptist Church in a community called Norwoodville within Des Moines.  Both of these churches in the heart of Iowa have prayed and financially supported us for 30 years.  We thank them so much for keeping us on the road in the ministry of evangelism.

It was good to see friends again and get caught up on all the up-to-date news.  Paul Wilson was able to house me in his missionary house that he provides for missionaries located in Des Moines.  At Norwoodville I was able to see a dear friend Dave Gerhardt who retired from the ministry and moved to Norwoodville to be close to his daughter Kayla Kramer, the pastor’s wife.  Please continue praying for these dear churches and for the Silcott Ministries.