Faith Baptist Church


From January 6th through the 9th, we held meetings at the Faith Baptist Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The meetings were well attended and we had many first time visitors. My sister lives in town and came to our meetings on Sunday and Monday night. It was great to see her again and my two nieces Shari and Reagan.

Wednesday at 10:30 the home school network gathered at the church and I was able to share a gospel message with them complete with ventriloquism object lessons. Two of the families came back for the closing service of our meetings.

Pastor Stange and Margaret have been wonderful friends for many years. Last year Margaret had a stroke that see has been working hard to recover from. She was able to occasionally play the piano for the meetings. She also played the marimba. Please pray for her full recovery and the continued growth of Faith Baptist Church of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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