Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches


For April 13 & 14 I put a display out at the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches state meeting. Pastor Timothy Capon is now their new state representative. Brother Timothy opened the conference with a message to challenge the pastors not to forget their first love from Revelation 2. Other speakers encouraged us to return to a healthy devotion to the gospel, remember the great commission, and rethink our theology of gospel outreach.

The conference was filled with a great challenge from the Word of God as well as opportunities to see friends that I went to college with and pastors that I have held meetings for in the past. It was a joy to see my college roommate Pastor Ron Hemsworth, a new appointee with Baptist Mid- Missions going to Missionary Acres in Missouri. We also had the opportunity to meet the new president of Faith Baptist Bible College, Rev. James Tillotson.

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