Grace Baptist Church


St. George was our next stop in the state of Utah. We have known Pastor Rick Newell and his wife Christy for several years. We have held meetings in their church every two years for the last 15 years. Each service has been well attended and we have had the joy of seeing the church family grow spiritually over the years.

Two people responded to the invitation for spiritual growth and fully relying on God’s abundant strength in time of despair. On the last day Pastor and Christy had the opportunity to talk to a man about his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We rejoice that they were able to lead him in the sinner’s prayer as he put his trust in Christ.

Please continue to pray for this small church in the heart of Mormon land. Because of pear-pressure, they have lost several of their young people that they have ministered to. During our meetings they were able to bring in some new contacts that they hope will stay with them and build up the youth group once again.

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