Faith Baptist Church


On November 1, 2015, we held meetings at Faith Baptist Church in James town, North Dakota. Years ago, in one of my first Vacation Bible Schools I spoke here, even before meeting my wife Jane. It was good to see Pastor Paul Stuart and his wife Mary. Their daughter Jesse and her husband Mike are faithfully attending the church and helping in any way they can to reach this community for Christ. Several families have moved away in the past few years and now the church is meeting in a room of a local business. This move has made the church handicap accessible and given them a location on the main road through town. Pastor Stuart works to meet their financial needs, as they continue to keep the church open and reach the lost with the gospel. Please pray for Faith Baptist Church as they seek to reach this area with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jamestown is known for having the “largest buffalo in the world” and two albino buffalo. White Cloud is the mother and her son is Dakota Miracle. Many Indian tribes and others in the New Age Movement believe that this white buffalo is the embodiment of a female spirit who predicted that the “nations will be united in harmony.” Because of this, many confused seekers visit Jamestown to “commune with her.” Since she is 20 years old, I’m not sure that peace and unity has been achieved Of course, we know that Christ alone is the Prince of Peace. While men will try to have peace without Him, only Jesus will bring true, real reconciliation between God and man and between nations.

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