Calvary Baptist Church


On Wednesday night, November 4, 2015, we drove down to Huron, South Dakota to present our ministry and encourage the church to keep supporting missions. In 1986, I spoke here for my very first Vacation Bible School. Pastor Bill Holmes is still the pastor and has been a great encouragement to me over the last 32 years. It was good to see friends that we have known for many years. It was also good to be able to stay for a few days and see my cousins and Uncle Russell and Aunt Pat Hotchkiss. I also spent time with Dennis a cousin who lives near Seattle, Washington.

We stayed over the weekend and the church asked me to speak for children’s church on Sunday morning. Randy and I told the story of Samson and what he learned about sin. The children listened intently and asked for more from Randy. We left early Monday morning, so that we could go see Terry Redlin’s Art Center on I-29 in Watertown, South Dakota. Then we headed south to Omaha, Nebraska to spend some time with Caleb before heading to Des Moines for our next meeting at Norwoodville Baptist Church.

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