Bethel Baptist Church




For the month of December, we parked our trailer at Bethel Baptist Church in Britt, Iowa. Pastor Baum and the church family allowed us to stay at the church as we ministered in area churches introducing our ministry, speaking in Awana, and presenting our Christmas program. On December 6th we started in Charles City at Temple Baptist Church. It was good to see the church family again and meet their new pastor Adam Whitty and his wife Erin. They are expecting their first child in a few months. On December 13th I preached for Pastor Greg Baum to help him with a very busy schedule: his daughter had her first baby and he had extra responsibilities in the community. On December 16th I spoke in Forest City at Calvary Baptist Church for their Awana program at 3:00, then at 7:00 for their prayer meeting service, I gave an update and Christmas message from the Gospel of Luke.

ChristmasOn December 20, we presented our Christmas program during the morning service at Bethel Baptist Church in Britt and at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Algona, Iowa in the evening. Caleb was with us and added several new songs to our program two solos on the piano and one with his tin whistle.

Being close to Forest City, we were able to get some much needed work done on our heating system in our motor home. Our Aqua Hot system that heats the water and runs the furnace had broken down. Now it is up and running and working much better. Our home is warm and we are able to take hot showers. Thanks for your prayers for Silcott Ministries.

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