Gonzales Baptist Temple


We parked at Gonzales Baptist Temple from March 23 through April 4, 2008. Our schedule was open for Easter Sunday so we spent Easter with some dear friends in Gonzales, Louisiana. Right after Easter Sunday, Jane and Caleb flew from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Bledsoe, Kentucky to spend a week with grandparents.

I stayed in Louisiana and spent the time with Pastor Johnson helping with computers and learning about security for wireless internet. During our stay I was able to present our ministry through Windows Movie Maker and preach on Wednesday night for prayer meeting. On Saturday I helped in the distribution line for a church ministry called Angel Food. For a low price people in the community are able to come to the church for extra food for their freezers and cupboards.

Jane and Caleb flew back on Friday night just in time for us to fellowship with Pastor Johnson and his wife. This church family has been a great encouragement to us in our ministry of evangelism. Please pray for this growing church in the heart of Louisiana.

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