Grand View


On our trip to northern Arizona we stopped at the Grand Canyon. We often call this joy in the journey. We parked at an RV park in the park and enjoyed a three mile hike on the Kaibab Trail to the Skeleton Point. All the signs in the park, as well as, the rangers try to tell us that this beautiful canyon took millions of years to form.

But we know on the basis of God’s Word, it did not take a whole lot of time with just a little bit of water; instead, it took a whole lot of water with just a little bit of time. As we sat and ate our lunch, we were amazed at how beautiful this canyon looks. As God destroyed this world, because of his anger towards sin, He formed a canyon to remind us of this anger. But man twists it around and comes up with a theory called evolution to promote the idea that there is no God and that they are not answerable to Him.

Even in a short break we are reminded why we are on the road striving to reach a blinded world with the truth of God’s Word.

Please pray for us as we seek to reach this lost and dying world with the good news of the gospel.

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