Elmira Baptist Church


We ended the month of August with a whole family VBS on Saturday night August 27th in Elmira, California with Pastor Gerald Harder at Elmira Baptist Church.  Visitors came out to see Rosie as she helped me tell the story of Haggai and the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem.  For the Adult Sunday School class, I presented my seminar on Biblical truth of Creation and the condemnation of those who ignore the Glory of God seen in the sky and the world around us.  Sunday morning, I preached out of Acts 16 and how Paul and Silas built the early church.  The whole family was invited Sunday night to another service with a story from Rodney.  I preached on the most important boat that was ever built.  Noah’s Ark was built to save lives and introduce us to a just God that has provided eternal life and the forgiveness of our sin.

IMG_2042Elmira Baptist Church is starting the process of building a new building so they can accommodate more people.  The auditorium was packed and they desperately need more room.  They gave their pews to a nearby church and replaced them with chairs.  Next they are putting down a new rug and moving the platform back a few feet.  This will give them a few more seats until they can build the new building scheduled in the next few years.  Please pray for this building project and for pastor’s health as he recovers from a stroke.

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