Calvary Baptist Church


Our last service in California was held at Calvary Baptist Church in Paradise, California.  Calvary Baptist Church has been one of our supporting churches for the last 20 years.  We enjoyed seeing our friends that have been praying for us in the ministry of evangelism for all these years and to meet some new members and get to spend some time with their pastor, Gerry Zordel.  For the Adult Sunday school, I presented my seminar on the inspiration of scripture.  This seminar is designed to present clear Biblical truth that the Bible is the Word of God and that it does not just contain the Word of God.  Then in the morning service I preached a message out of Acts to encourage the saints and challenge the lost to trust Christ as Savior.

ParadiseEagleAn added bonus was to get to see Pat Roy and his family for the church services and to spend time with them for Lunch.  Brother Roy works with Christian radio productions and speaks around the country for a ministry called “Creation Works”.  His desire is to help Christian leaders understand what part of the teaching of evolution is drawing children from our local churches.   He also works with the media at large events such as the Creation Museum with Ken Ham for the ribbon cutting at Noah’s Ark this July.  Please pray for Pastor Zordel’s wife as she is going through lots of pain following her hip and knee replacement surgery.  She has missed church quite often these last few months because of a medical condition that causes more pain than normal.

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